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Feb 16, 2005

since it's love month

you read it right...i'm gonna be talking about love in this entry ---very unlikely of me, huh? these past few days, i've been encountering love in very unique ways

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR...as the great commandment states. last saturday, i attended a gk breakfast forum. just like any gk breakfast forum, it talked about how we can help the poor, the irony there, is that it was held in a very exclusive venue, the manila polo club...yes there's always "the" before "manila polo club". just like....hehehe never mind :) with us were our fellow gk volunteers and also with the audience were prominent businessmen and their invited guests. that's what i love about gk...poor and rich work together for a better country...you learn not to complain but at least be part of the solution of our country's problems.true enough as we have become witnesses in this great work of God...more and more people experience change in so many ways...GK does not only transform lives of its beneficiaries, it also transforms lives of individuals of gk volunteers and partners, it transforms corporate values, it gives you a sense of pride that you are a filipino, it gives no room to hopelessness, it simply makes you believe in miracles. i was so touched by the sharings of the three Concepcions (grandson-son-father). each of them experienced change because of GK and what's so nice about it is that, they are spreading this great work to their friends, families and employees.

....my expertise, hehehe :) ask me about how i manage to keep everything platonic...how? i also don't know. my problem is i couldn't see men in a romantic way. as long as i'm not seeing any extra attention, any extra care, any verbal expression of romantic love . . . only friendship remains. yeah, i manage to have this lovey-thingy on those who are either married, public figures or friends of my friends who don't know me. . . i don't wanna entertain pressure on this side of life...hell yeah, i'm getting older but at the moment, i'm quite happy on how things are. . . i've been enjoying single life and my so-called fictional romantic lovelife. can i just add that i'm not affected by teasing in any way?but just lately i asked my friend to stop teasing me to those men that she thinks are quite good enough for me . . . simply because i realized one thing...somehow, it's affecting my so-called marketability. . .hehehe :) i don't wanna be romantically identified to anyone who in reality has nothing to do with me romantically. again, i'm stressing on "marketability".

ahem, ahem quite a familiar title to my sfc community, huh? yes, let me talk about clp's talk # 5. just last night, i attended a teaching of "Emmanuel" community at Greenbelt chapel. their speaker was bo sanchez and i manage to grasp useful points in his talk:
a) God wants us to love and praise in the best way how he created us. he made us human beings, and he wants us to be the best human being on earth then give him the best kind of love that a human being can give. let us not over-spiritualize things. yes, all of us have that tendency...i ,for one, is quite guilty on this. let us allow God to mold us with his terms, not on ours.
b) if we love God, let us not skip failures. satan is actually tempting us to skip hardships...if there's an easier way of doing things, we naturally give in. but that's not how God wants it to be. hardships and failures are part of life,it's part of God's plan so that we can grow. it is in our failures and hardships that we can fully see God because during these dark moments, we can feel that he is ever present.


Feb 11, 2005

yeah, i missed home

i have become a delinquent blogger. i just couldn't update my blog anymore the way i used to before :( yeah, quite busy...my so-called new career has been taking so much of my time. anyway, i have lots of stories to tell...hope i won't miss anything...i'll be relying on my unreliable memory....
SINGAPORE TRIP >>> i had a very relaxing trip. i was just in the hotel most of the time. i had a daily buffet breakfast ...yum, yum! nightly bubble bath....oooh..... and a whole day of meeting with fellow marketers of RS South Asia. since i'm the newest member of the team, the meeting was generally educational for me. i enjoyed talking to them...hell, i was extremely quiet ...can you believe that? of course, i had a hard time throwing jokes at them ! they were generally nice and funny...traits that are very common to all asians, i guess. Singapore is really clean, they have very disciplined people and above all....EVERYTHING'S JUST SO EXPENSIVE! so there, i wasn't able to bring pasalubong to friends.
i was able to reach home in the afternoon....i hate the filipino cab driver that i got from the airport. what can i do? no one can fetch me from there since everyone else in the family was so busy because of my grandparents' 6oth wedding anniversary celebration. anyway, when i was able to reach home, i learned that the robber entered our house when i was abroad and got my mobile phone and the watch that my mom gave me last christmas.at least no one was hurt....except my pocket...i had to buy a new cell phone again. this is the 3rd time that i lost my phone from a robber.and i still love the philippines, huh?
THE WEDDING ANNIVERSARY >>> hey, my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last january 29. can yopu believe that? how sweet, huh? a friend's brother led the ceremony of renewal of vows and of course my grandparents were so surprised with alll the preparations we did for them.during the program, my brother third and sister tri-ann rendered an acoustic performance,one grandchild per family gave tribute to our grandparents...aaaawww...really touching, i must say. being a papa's girl, i almost cried when i saw my aunt dancing with my grandfather. my father and i used to dance a lot, you know? i just envied my aunt for being 40 something and still dancing with her father and there i was, a 20 something girl seated with my friends because my father was no longer around...i miss him still, the celebration could have been more fun with him....my life could have been more fun if he's still around. he brought so much joy in my life...in our lives actually, for he has been the source of happiness of our family when he was still alive.well, i guess 5 years ago, our father up above told him that it's time that he experience joy himself for he has brought so much to everyone already.
we had coffee at starbucks after the celebration. we were with sfc friends and had chit-chat...geez i missed talking to filipinos, i missed starbucks...hell, yeah, i missed home :)