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Nov 29, 2007

a peek outside SFC life

i spent almost an entire week in davao last week. i never really bumped with storms lando and mina as there were only drizzles there. honestly, i went there half-heartedly, i learned about the business trip a day before my flight. i was worried with pending jobs in manila, siblings i'll be leaving (because JM also had an out of the country trip during the time i was in davao so i was worried sick about leaving 3rd and 3-ann alone) and dance/yoga dance classes i'll be missing which is being offered for free in the ofc. i tried to enjoy the trip although i basically just hit the roads here and there for company presentations and for some, i had to do alone.davaoeƱos are very sincere and good-natured people and i enjoyed the warm welcome by the clients. they also seem to appreciate that we paid them visit despite the fact that we are manila-based.one company even gave us 4 boxes of bananas...and these are export-quality :) my friends know how much i love this fruit ^-^ i also enjoyed long talks over dinner and more talks over coffee at Bo's Cafe (must try is their cafe mocha!) with my officemate. we don't normally do this if we're in manila since we have different circle of friends.

i reached home after lunch last saturday. i just rested whole afternoon and attended a family get-together dinner to welcome my cousins from the states who are spending a couple of weeks (or more, i'm not really sure) here in manila. whew, the family has gotten bigger :) lots of kids were running, dancing and singing...oh, i truly enjoyed joining them ^-^. my cousins and i just took pictures (pang-multiply and friendster daw!) and chatted the whole time... i enjoyed the chats but i wish i could avoid those questions thrown to me pertaining to seems like my forever single status ...argh, until now i don't know what or how to answer such questions...i can't just blame God, can I? hahaha!

here's my first attempt to digiscrapping...i was inspired by gelen's blog. got the frame as a freebie from kat's blog. since christmas is in the air and it looks like we had a pre-holiday reunion, i think the background fits so well. just click the image to enlarge :) i do hope i'll find time to arrange my piling digital pictures to something like this...something quite organized :) funny, i have done so many layouts for work but not quite often when it comes to personal stuff.

now that i'm back, as expected, jobs piled up and my boss even went on leave...argh! well, at least i was able to attend the dance/yoga class last tuesday :) i truly lack exercise as my muscles still ache until now but i'll still be attending later's class. . .hahaha! oh, i need such stress-relieving activities to rejuvenate :)

Nov 15, 2007

we, errrr they are, uhm.... still kids :)

i've attended my first ever Kids For Christ Conference last Sunday. kids do know how to spell F-U-N! we brought 29 SAGIP kids and 4 SIGA from GK Selecta Village. i am so proud that they really behaved well again and had their own kind of fun at the same time. the kids enjoyed the show, the games and most of all, kids praisefest where they all danced and sang their hearts out to the Lord. . . well, we enjoyed it too but i have to admit that unlike the so hyperactive kids, i had to pause and rest sometimes. this is one of those rare times that these kids become like all the other children for an entire day...not worrying about little siblings to be taken care of (oh except for efren who's such a sweet, responisble brother to mandra...they really look cute), household chores to finish, accompany parents in selling balut and all other grown-up responsibilties.for an entire day, they were just kids and i feel really happy that i have witnessed all these. somehow, this keeps me driving to still serve. i like to thank these kids that they allowed me to be part of their lives, to be part of the miracle that God is bestowing upon them :) i can't wait to see them again this saturday.to view pictures of this fun day, click here .

on a more personal note, it feels really weird that my friends from all over (college, sfc, workplace) are saying the same things. it's just so weird...well, thanks for the concern but believe me things are all well...don't worry too much about me :)

Nov 5, 2007

Two Men

i wrote this blog entry three years ago. i am now freeing a bunch of yellow balloons to heaven again to let my papa know that he'll always be remembered and loved and to ask God for JM's brighter and more fun life ahead of him.

to the two men who've significantly influenced my life so much, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)