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Feb 9, 2010

God is love, Be His Genuine Instrument

I understand that God's love is universal, He doesn't choose whom to love.

Even if you continue to sin, He still loves you but please, please don't hurt those people whom He also loves aside from you because by doing so, you hurt Him more.

Be considerate. Be sensitive. Be kind. Be truly loving.

Don't abuse the word love. It's God-given. Be a genuine love-giver. Be God's real instrument.

Feb 4, 2010


i think i'm fully enjoying all the benefits :)

sometimes i wonder if everything would be the same as they were before, would i have:
  • discovered new things? rediscovered?
  • rekindled?
  • explored?
  • better options?
  • been worry-free as i am today?
it's a good change actually and because i know i didn't step on anyone, wasn't selfish, didn't steal to pursue what i desperately need for myself....i'm getting real, sweet, rewards from Him. Thank You....i know the best is yet to come..and when it comes to gifts I receive from You, I do have an expectant faith :)

i'm loving the way blogging became so private when facebook became so public