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Oct 28, 2004

lrt 2 ride

'twas my first time to ride the famous lrt 2 last monday. been hearing so much about its convenience from my household member, whose school is within the manila area...students nowadays are so lucky...during my time i was able to reach school from home and vice versa after 5 dreams. i was so amazed that my usual 2-3 hour ride from manila to cainta was trimmed down to 1-1 1/2 hour. thanks to the beluga guys who oriented me during my first ride. i already bought a pre-loaded value card since i was asked to visit the ships at pier 15 weekly aside from the weekly mancom meeting at pier 4. hmmmmmmmm.....this and a lot more reasons why i feel i need a new job. i'm drained, sooo drained... mentally, physically, emotionally...nothing BUT the need to have a job drives me to stay here in my present employers...AGAIN, i gotta think of those people whom i love so much and who'll be greatly affected if i'm gonna be jobless...patiently waiting for God's perfect time as to when i can find a new job...for now, i'm stuck BUT still thankful i have a job.

Oct 25, 2004

away from reality

i was away from reality for 26 hours... up there in the mountains, i've tried to discover myself more so i could face reality anew... i did look back during my time of introspection and yet i had to look ahead of the future so i can build my dreams... but this moment we called NOW, is something i could not just neglect... i've realized that i was so pre-occupied with my past and worry too much what lies ahead... how can i enjoy this time called the PRESENT? i value other people too much that i'm so afraid of failing them. i'm so happy when we're together and yet there are days that they're living their own lives and i feel so alone... so alone that i keep myself busy so i can momentarily forget that i can never be happy without them. should i think of myself more this time? i'm probably other people's source of joy but have i really come in to terms with myself? being away from reality for 26 hours just reflecting on how i've been facing it for the last 26 years of existence led me to more questions about life... yes, i'm still trying to discover myself as i continue to face reality... i just can't run away.

Oct 22, 2004

missing my stars

we transferred place of residence last saturday...geez, time flies and i didn't notice that we're already staying in our new apartment for almost a week already. if there's one particular area in our old house that i really miss, it would be my room 'coz i didn't have to share it with someone and i can leave it uncleaned for a long time...hehehe...seriously, i miss my glow-in-the-dark stars that i personally arranged in my old room's ceiling. i love them so much that i could just blankly stare at them the whole night...it was very therapeutic.

Oct 21, 2004

no time to rant

when i shared last night in our chapter assembly, i just thanked God for blessing me with a community who's always there to support me. SFC has truly been a blessing to me and my family. . . they're my extended family if there's such. i was so tempted to share about how i'm losing my drive and passion to work just like what my other chaptermates shared but the "beauty" of belonging to a community was so overwhelming recently that i just ignored the negative feelings and thoughts i'm having. . . i'd rather share the good side of life, i'm still going through trials in all aspects of my life . . . but i don't know. . . i feel like hearing the BIG GUY over me whispering that he'll take care of things, as usual . . . there are still so much about life that i should be thankful for. . . i wont rant for now.

Oct 20, 2004

blogging anew

here's a new space for me...been blogging for more than a year already but i'd rather just have this one be viewed by all 'coz i feel more free in this new space...CHEERS!