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Dec 17, 2010

top words for 2010

2010 is all about time spent for myself and for doing things i have never done before.it's all about realizing my own strengths, looking for simple joys and just being human and letting God be God. it's all about Him filling my empty cup with His love and miracles...it has been a wonderful journey with people who were strangers, friends, family and making new memories. let me share with you my TOP WORDS for the year...just to thank the people who've helped  me made it through.

admission - at the start of the year, i had to make a decision to stand up for a major decision i did at the end of 2009.i had to admit, i've been hurt and i was really angry. i had to cry and let it out...the word composure became strange to me. suddenly my known realities have changed. i had to withdraw from habits and create new beginnings. somehow, i had to make twists to a familiar world. i had to admit to myself that it's time to truly move on, it's time to forget...to simply forget the good and the bad of yesterdays. there were lessons and i have to hold on to them as i face my new reality.
recollection - i have realized the better side of having been involved in communities, so many companies and keeping small and yet very supportive friends. meeting one group after the other for coffee, dinner, fellowships and prayer meetings were the things that have kept my Fridays and weekends fully occupied. i tried recollecting myself once again, somehow i felt the need to know my old self , restore friendships and get to fully understand God's message for me this time. there were moments for exchanging stories and there were also moments of just being still. both moments, i have truly appreciated as both have let me felt blessed in every encounter i had with people, myself and God.
exploration- yo! dear country with 7,107 islands, my 365 days is not enough for you :) this year, i have traveled with different travel buddies. i have gone up to the mountains, to the depths of the sea and have been so close to the clouds many times than before. i have traveled to simply enjoy life's simplicity, the beauty of nature and good company of strangers, friends and family. i have expanded my horizon as i start to dissociate memories to people and places. i started to create new ones.it was very exciting.each travel and new people to meet thrilled me. i have joined a new support group, attended reunions and i even became the most "kaladkarin" person to all my friends' gimmicks, travels and even family bonding time.i have broadened the world i used to know and i thank God for the gift of time.
reparation- putting myself back into one piece was very challenging. i remember the very day i've been dreaming about the moment when i wouldn't just feel any pain...when there will be scars but don't matter anymore. i realized i have that power to heal myself. i've prayed for this, i've worked hard for this and God never left me...He never fails to cheer me up, He never fails to remind me I am being loved. I've been healed because I have allowed God to love me more, to create miracles in my life and to appreciate His plans for me. I didn't need to change myself, I just needed to pass through a stage where my own weaknesses and strengths will be revealed, a phase where I have to live a day at a time.i appreciate my own wounds now because i have discovered what my deepest desires are.
preparation- this year has also been a year of preparation (as i want to believe it). i know i'm now ready for greater joys, bigger blessings and realization of all my dreams. i have been strengthened by trials and i have never felt this thirsty again for God...truly, in your darkest moment, He'll let you feel that He's ever present
celebration- the remaining days of the year, I'll be surrounded with good people who love me so much. I love to celebrate Jesus' birthday with them :) They made Jesus so real in my life because they love me unconditionally, lifted my spirit high, supported me and never left me with this journey. for the people who've stayed with me through crying and laughing times, who gave me messages of hope, who've never given up on me, who've never let me do stupid things alone, the people who've always been praying for me and believed in me even though i was at  a point that i didn't have enough belief in myself, here's my one big message: