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Dec 28, 2007

it was indeed a merry christmas

forgiveness does not mean that what happened was acceptable. forgiveness simply enables you to completely, once and for all, let it go. - ralph marston

have a joyous and prosperous new year to all :)

Nov 29, 2007

a peek outside SFC life

i spent almost an entire week in davao last week. i never really bumped with storms lando and mina as there were only drizzles there. honestly, i went there half-heartedly, i learned about the business trip a day before my flight. i was worried with pending jobs in manila, siblings i'll be leaving (because JM also had an out of the country trip during the time i was in davao so i was worried sick about leaving 3rd and 3-ann alone) and dance/yoga dance classes i'll be missing which is being offered for free in the ofc. i tried to enjoy the trip although i basically just hit the roads here and there for company presentations and for some, i had to do alone.davaoeños are very sincere and good-natured people and i enjoyed the warm welcome by the clients. they also seem to appreciate that we paid them visit despite the fact that we are manila-based.one company even gave us 4 boxes of bananas...and these are export-quality :) my friends know how much i love this fruit ^-^ i also enjoyed long talks over dinner and more talks over coffee at Bo's Cafe (must try is their cafe mocha!) with my officemate. we don't normally do this if we're in manila since we have different circle of friends.

i reached home after lunch last saturday. i just rested whole afternoon and attended a family get-together dinner to welcome my cousins from the states who are spending a couple of weeks (or more, i'm not really sure) here in manila. whew, the family has gotten bigger :) lots of kids were running, dancing and singing...oh, i truly enjoyed joining them ^-^. my cousins and i just took pictures (pang-multiply and friendster daw!) and chatted the whole time... i enjoyed the chats but i wish i could avoid those questions thrown to me pertaining to seems like my forever single status ...argh, until now i don't know what or how to answer such questions...i can't just blame God, can I? hahaha!

here's my first attempt to digiscrapping...i was inspired by gelen's blog. got the frame as a freebie from kat's blog. since christmas is in the air and it looks like we had a pre-holiday reunion, i think the background fits so well. just click the image to enlarge :) i do hope i'll find time to arrange my piling digital pictures to something like this...something quite organized :) funny, i have done so many layouts for work but not quite often when it comes to personal stuff.

now that i'm back, as expected, jobs piled up and my boss even went on leave...argh! well, at least i was able to attend the dance/yoga class last tuesday :) i truly lack exercise as my muscles still ache until now but i'll still be attending later's class. . .hahaha! oh, i need such stress-relieving activities to rejuvenate :)

Nov 15, 2007

we, errrr they are, uhm.... still kids :)

i've attended my first ever Kids For Christ Conference last Sunday. kids do know how to spell F-U-N! we brought 29 SAGIP kids and 4 SIGA from GK Selecta Village. i am so proud that they really behaved well again and had their own kind of fun at the same time. the kids enjoyed the show, the games and most of all, kids praisefest where they all danced and sang their hearts out to the Lord. . . well, we enjoyed it too but i have to admit that unlike the so hyperactive kids, i had to pause and rest sometimes. this is one of those rare times that these kids become like all the other children for an entire day...not worrying about little siblings to be taken care of (oh except for efren who's such a sweet, responisble brother to mandra...they really look cute), household chores to finish, accompany parents in selling balut and all other grown-up responsibilties.for an entire day, they were just kids and i feel really happy that i have witnessed all these. somehow, this keeps me driving to still serve. i like to thank these kids that they allowed me to be part of their lives, to be part of the miracle that God is bestowing upon them :) i can't wait to see them again this saturday.to view pictures of this fun day, click here .

on a more personal note, it feels really weird that my friends from all over (college, sfc, workplace) are saying the same things. it's just so weird...well, thanks for the concern but believe me things are all well...don't worry too much about me :)

Nov 5, 2007

Two Men

i wrote this blog entry three years ago. i am now freeing a bunch of yellow balloons to heaven again to let my papa know that he'll always be remembered and loved and to ask God for JM's brighter and more fun life ahead of him.

to the two men who've significantly influenced my life so much, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Oct 31, 2007

fun, tiring and fulfilling weekend

i woke up really early last Saturday even earlier than my usual working day. i needed to be at GK Selecta Village before 5:30 AM as i still needed to distribute SAGIP children's t-shirts and ids. this year , we just brought 20 kids with us. although, it was a little hurtful that we couldn't bring them all, i think it was still the most logical & practical decision since we have limited budget and only few SFCs came to the event.

we rested for a while when we reached mall of asia. we dropped off our things in the farm and took our breakfast.out of curiosity, i ate pinoy style carbonara. the sauce made all the difference . instead of using cream, they used gata ng niyog and oh i think instead of using expensive tuna chunks, they used galunggong as toppings. it was uniquely good :) certified rapsa!

the kids on the other hand were having their own fun with the animals.

we went to paraisong pambata after we have fully explored the different GK farms. they played pinoy games & slid down the giant slide . us facis were just literally waiting for them to give up, hehehe.

oh, that side of MOA turned out to be really clean despite the fact that hyper kids crowded the place. the trick was all kids who traded- off a plastic bag full of garbage were rewarded with a gold fish by Batang Kalikasan. the kids were running here and there ,picking up garbage when this was announced, happy smiles were written on their faces when they received their rewards.

in the afternoon, i wasn't able to join the parade because i became really sick . jm just brought me home. it was really a long day but 'twas really fun. i am so proud of this set of SAGIP kids that we brought, they didn't give us headache. we all just had fun.

despite being sick and tired, i still helped for the preparations of our chapter's halloween party the next day. we just prepared cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. it urned to be really successful. we had quite a good number of attendees and our participants in our on-going CLP also joined us and they're even in costumes. to have a glimpse of this fun party click here .

Oct 24, 2007

3 years and movin'

it's been three years and no matter how difficult it is to include blogging in my schedule, somehow i still manage to write every once in a while. i'm no celebrity so this blog anniversary won't have contest of any sorts hehehe...really, sometimes i wonder if there are people who even bother to read my entries. i remember during the first few years of my blogging years i was really fearless ...writing as if no one will ever read it anyway so i was openly telling how i was feeling, what i was really thinking without rationalizing. ironically, i named this blog an open space and yet i am not really disclosing much as compared before.well, a corporate slave has nothing much to tell anyway and although i want to tell so much of my weekend activities and adventures, i rather not go online because i wanna catch up on sleep, rest, spend time for dvd marathon that is when i'm not occupied with sfc activities.

right now, i feel exhausted...that's why i'm blogging. i wanna breathe, really breathe.maybe i'm just tired.i do dread for the day that i'll feel forever stuck.lately, i've been feeling that the world around me has been movin' and changing... i, on the other hand is not moving along. i always say i'm busy, people see me as one too but there's nothing...really no giant steps, no major changes...but hey, should there be one, can i really embrace it..a new life? a new self? i don't really know but i am hell curious. i was traumatized by major changes in life i think because the last time i had one, i was crying until tears literally ran out. i wish for a feel-good change now. i think i have learned enough lessons in life that i can bring as i move along with the ever-changing world.just let me move.

hey, i feel like going back to my old bloggin' style hehehe...so this is like going back 2002.so, to anopenspace here's to more stories, opinions & feelings to share. Cheers!

well, that's really coffee, i'm not drinking alcohol anymore to get drunk or start so as not to stop. it's one of the cool errr hot (:"*^%*?) changes in my life and with that, this blog doesn't anymore look like very 2002.hehehe.

Oct 18, 2007

English Experts

i used to work in an american-franchised bakery during my early corporate years. being part of the marketing team, i used to ask our american parent company to ship some of their extra marketing collaterals to help us save printing cost. having just very few outlets then, a lot will just be put into waste if we print locally.one time they sent us to display a sticker to be placed on our hotplate...i couldn't perfectly remember the exact message but i think the message goes like"30 MINUTES FRESH OF THE OVEN GOODNESS". hey, i wasn't the marketing officer then so when my boss said it's okay (although i didn't strongly believed so), i asked all bakery managers to display the sticker anyway...so there, we were flooded by English-expert Filipinos with "Shouldn't it be 30 MINUTES FRESH OFF-THE OVEN GOODNESS" corrections. i knew it. okay, so sometimes American English sucks.

now i am working in a multinational company whose parent company is based in UK. it's one of my duties to review soft copy of magazines for regional publication but for local printing. normally, i just correct some errors in pricing, catalogue page numbers, company's contact details etc...but just this afternoon while i was going through my usual review...printed in bold as an article introduction.... a very grammatically incorrect statement... " Company ARE one of the principle channel partners for the most respected names in Test & Measurement. Company HAVE trained sales engineers and a technical helpline to......." so there, when i replied to our South Asia Marketing Executive in Singapore, i said it should be IS instead of ARE and HAS instead of HAVE. i mean, it's quite a simple subject-verb agreement. to my surprise, we even needed to have an exchange of e-mail:

HER:"Hi Jeng, for Page 10, I have pointed out to UK before but they claim the English is correct. So I shall stay put as it is."
ME:yeah, if it they say it's correct English, who are we to argue...they're English...hehehe but see, Asian market just doesn't accept that.personally, i don't wanna print, distribute and explain to everyone that it's correct English in UK.so, no way we can change? it's a simple subject-verb agreement.
HER:Haha… I agree with what you say. Let me check with a few more people. In case we are the one wrong and arguing will make it very ugly.Will let u know. ^,^

i thought it's going to be okay already but then again, we even had an exchange of messages in our office communicator...the communication went like this:

her: gosh... i got different feedback from different people
her:Is there any english expert in PH tat we can consult?
me: hey, don't we just use "have" for singular pronoun "I", other than that we use it for plural.If it is just one company then we use "has"
her:hee, i manage to get someone to give opinion.she is the asia marketing mgr.her english powerful... haha
me:hopefully she sides with us i did ask around. ..hmmm, we all think it's really not correct
her:ya same i am talking to her now.yeah, she said "is" hehehe, we won!
me:three stars!

obviously, i was just being polite. i know for a fact that it's very elementary really :) i didn't expect that it'll be a big deal.

in conclusion, sometimes American English sucks & sometimes British English also sucks...and the world needs ENGLISH-EXPERT FILIPINOS ?!3@*($^! hehehe....

Aug 31, 2007

on this new national issue

my travel time from work going home is basically the same time as the evening news on tv so i don't get the chance to watch.oh, late news is very late for me because i wake up at 4:30 AM to prepare for work. sometimes when channel surfing while watching channel 7's telebabad, i get to glimpse on news at channel 9 or channel 11...unluckily, they don't feature all these CFC-GK news. when people asked me about it in the office for the first time, i'm quite shocked that it even reached status of "national issue".honestly, since i don't get to watch news on tv, i don't know how to answer...should i defend CFC and GK that doesn't sound too defensive? why do i have to talk about this with them in the first place? they're not even CFC members and never been to any GK site! heck, some members don't even know what's really happening and maybe the news shocked them even more! i don't like talking against brothers & sisters who've been God's instruments for me to have a better relationship with Him. just thinking out loud, maybe there are people out there who have the same dilemma now. if we unite in the future, i hope this also reaches "national issue" level...but i doubt, people just love talking about negative things...this truly saddens me.

Aug 9, 2007

sugar, spice and the not so nice

God never fails to surprise me.just when i thought that my "dance with life in mono" would be forever, He suddenly gave a dash of sugar, spice and sprinkled on some not so nice in my personal bubbles.

last August 2, - a dash of sugar to my family bubble. we've received a sweet gift from God...my very first niece, Miah Francesca -named after her mom, Jeremiah and dad, Francis. we call her Mishka for short and yes, i sort of pushed her mom to have it as nickname because of my fondness for filipina jazz singer, mishka adams.well, her cute nickname matches her cute face. here's her picture :

evening of the same day, i've received an inivitation from a brother in the community to give a talk in their CLP. since i'm basically free on the time & day of the event, i immediately said yes then asked which talk will i be giving. he replied "talk 7" then i felt God pouring my personal preference bubble a dash of spice. the talk is about christian family and for the past 7 years in the community, i've been purposely avoiding and declining to give it for two simple reasons- i've always felt unqualified and unworthy to even talk about something that i am not convinced that i have. i believe that our family's situation is not even close to the definition.since i said my "yes" already, i could no longer back out. suddenly, this picture of mishka was sent to me by my brother- i suddenly heard God speaking to me that "here's a realization of my promise". it's a clear message that it's about time i have to talk about my family in the community. i shouldn't take away the fact that God has been victorious in our lives when all 3 of us siblings joined SFC and was able to successfully channel our brokenness to something positive.

i've never felt such nervousness when my name was called as the speaker to talk about christian family and i've never felt so victorious after i gave it. the teamleader told me that he was so sure that i was meant to give it. the participants were all from GK site and they were able to somehow associate themselves to the same struggles i have as a single person trying to build a christian family.

my family introduced me to God and to the church and i owe them big because my sense of spirituality has a solid foundation. when i yearned for a deeper friendship with God, i joined SFC. the whole community of CFC-SFC has been my solid rock for the past seven years...lately, it's being put to test. this ain't God sprinkling something not so nice on my spiritual bubble, it's maybe just something that He allowed to happen so we can refocus and not further fall into something that is not pleasing to His eyes. i admire the wisdom of our elders and i even have greater faith that God will lead us all to UNITY.

as for me, i will always be thankful...for the good times and much more for the bad times of my spiritual journey.for in these trials, that i have gained greater faith.

Jul 7, 2007

just another sick entry

have i really watched so much televison shows? or have i just really let myself worked so hard? i posted those questions because it seems that i miss a lot on life lately. i have too much questions on my head right now.they just popped from nowhere. okay, okay so i've been sick again and i hate the feeling of being not busy because that's the time when feeling of being alone sets in. i dragged myself to work until thursday so i could finish reports. i was feeling terribly bad since sunday night but i think i'll feel worse being alone at home. i don't wanna miss papa so much who used to take care of me during times like these. i perfectly remember him being the one who always ended up having sleepless nights just to make sure i took my medicines on time, gave me sponge bath and would only be able to sleep if i was.friday was like hitting rock bottom and this time i really had to stay home. thursday night i was really chillin' and experiencing migraine.asthma attacks were there but i was able to handle it.right now, i'm giving myself a rest. as much as i hate to admit it,i miss being taken care of and i'm truly just faking i'm okay but no need to worry, i've been to even worse situations...i can carry on.

Jul 3, 2007

A Taste of Heaven


Jun 22, 2007

how much of the philippines have i visited ?

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

May 16, 2007

chronicles of may

goodbye daddy nonong-may 1

i just grew up fondly calling him "daddy", he's my uncle. when i heard the news about his death, i felt quite relieved. i believe that those people who've done enough in life deserves rest and daddy is one of those. sometimes, it's even at a person's death that you've learned so much about that person. reading about daddy here at tita grace's blog , i've realized how interesting his life was. i've known him as the quiet, hardworking seaman uncle who've always been respected by our family and that was it. bringing third & tri-ann with me, i took a vacation leave for 2 days to attend at his wake and funeral in lucena. it was nice seeing the whole clan again :) the kids (my cousins) have grown up, they were so hyper, uncontrollable & funny. . . i suddenly felt really old around them. click my multiply site and kado's multiply site to see pictures of this event.

jason's wedding - may 12
cheers, pare! be faithful to your new 6PM sharp commitment :)
eto ang katibayan ng huling pangbabae mo na binata ka....hahaha!

chapter outing -may 13

whew...after 2 years (not so sure, i think it could even be 3!), we were able to have a chapter summer outing again. we had it at lakevila resort in binangonan. though, i'm not the kind of person who enjoys the pool (i can't swim) but the cool company of my sfc friends and the overpouring inihaw were already enough reasons for me to enjoy. there were fun games & videoke sessions. everyone was on "cloud 9" (hehehe) when we left the venue.

'til next year, chaptermates :)

i voted-may 14

i never missed practicing my right as a voter of this country since i turned 18. it's one of those privileges of being an adult that i really looked forward to. this elections, i didn't think about winnability of candidates i voted. the people whom i put my trust to the respected seats of this nation are equally respectable and whom during part of their previous career have proven themselves to have done something for this nation and since i'm no fool not to know that at one point of thier lives, these people have also been part of the worsening corruption situation of our government, rest assured that i have thought my decision over and over---i voted the lesser evil...no matter how uniwinnable they are.

sad news-may 15
a former officemate informed me that JP,our then COO in Cinnabon died of a heart attack.it's so sudden and everyone's shocked until now. his body is still in france and once his body will be brought here in the philippines, it's gonna be a sad reunion for us former Cinnabon employees who shared sweet days with JP in the yellow building along buendia:(

Apr 16, 2007

may i pass?

i wanna write about:


but i wanna pass this time. i lost my thoughts, forgot all the details & most of all hate posting just pictures.

for now, i just wanna say, i'm back to looking forward on going home early again, bringing pasalubongs and experiencing regular headaches of budgeting...welcome back 3rd & 3-ann! btw, pati rin pala kay jm :)

Feb 26, 2007

revitalizing exhaustion

various activities kept me occupied lately. all have been both exhausting yet revitalizing. as usual, i had to enumerate them all. (warning: this is a very long entry)

february 3
ate dothy, mariel & i tried the new spa at rublou mall in greenland. compared to the other spa near our place, this one is cleaner, more private and has a free sauna :) i had a combination of shiatzu & swedish massage.truly revitalizing! the massage also comes with a choice of free foot scrub or ventuza. i chose the latter.when it was being done, i felt like regretting the choice i made, i didn't know that the "sucking" will be done simultaneously at my back, darn!

i felt really relieved after it was done though as if all those back pains were miraculously taken away. looking at my back, i looked like a dalmatian with humongous red spots. i was told that the spots will be gone after one day but mine were totally healed after one week!it was quite a serious case...my spots are way redder than mariel's and ate dothy's and took longer to heal.i'd like to do this on a regular basis, i was told this is good for asthma and cheaper than seretide! hehehe!

february 14
since, i left the restaurant industry two years ago, i've been spending valentine's day as normal single person does. so as not to encounter heavy traffic from ayala to cainta, i left the office at exactly 6:00 PM. luckily, i was successful to reach my place early but decided to go to a salon. i had my nails & toes done and had a haircut. it was again very revitalizing. when i reached home, i started packing my things for my mindanao trip. sfc friends would be coming over the next day so preparing dinner for them would be a priority so packing my stuff needs to be done a day earlier.

february 15
office work was quite hectic and i had to set aside my excitementfor my mindanao trip. morning was filled with reports, event coordination while afternoon was spent buying "tikoy" for staff as chinese new year gift and prizes for the NPI quiz at SM makati. i also bought some ingredients for dinner at home with sfc friends and toiletries...nice timing, hehehe! we requested one officemate to fetch us since mae and i couldn't possibly bring everything...all the 50 tikoys and grocery bags by ourselves! we had coffee in starbucks before going back to office...again, revitalized!

i bid goodbye to officemates and ask them not to miss me so much, hehehe.during my fx-ride home,my thoughts were all about the trip...i was scared, excited, curious.

sfc friends came around past 10 in the evening. i just prepared pasta w/ tuna for our late dinner cum early midnight snack...

february 16- day 1 HOPE Conference
we're off to mindanao.

the day started rockin'...tetchie and i were able to have our picture taken together with the legend of filipino rock.......pepe smith!'twas like a dream come true for me, you see...the "fan" inside me needed to come out so i really asked him if we could have our picture taken together. . . he agreed happily (see his smile in the picture? he kinda laugh when i said, we look like "super twins" with him being in the middle and all....kapuso ka pala ha?)

our sector took a longer route going to lanao. we had an hour flight from manila to zamboanga and an almost 8-hour drive from zamboanga before reaching the conference site in lanao. CFC couple took care of us so we can reach the bus terminal safely. they were so nice, warm and accommodating.
when we reached the conference site, we registered, set up our tents then went to the first session right away. there was of course praise parade, talk & praisefest. after that, we attended the mix party wherein people were divided in such a way that people with common interest are in one party even if it means that you won't go together as a chapter.tetchie and i went together to the techy party. we've met new faces mostly from down south (visayas & mindanao). 'twas fun :)

feb 17 - day 2 HOPE Conference
as usual, the day started with mass & worship. this day was filled with practical & educational workshops. i've attended the following workshops that interest me :

a) Go Negosyo
b) Who Wants Be A Millionare?
c) Photography

i just hope i'll be able to apply the tips i've learned from the workshops. i'll update you on this, let us all be witnesses of my progress, hehehe.after all the workshops, we watched the contests and "shopped" (uhm, uhm, it's a not-so secret term that sisters in our chapter usually use). i was also able to spot (finally!) my officemate, pia after dinner.just to show that we aren't lying about going to mindanao, we took pictures of us together.

we attended an all sisters' talk on lamentation. 'twas my first time to experience on a big conference that a sister was leading the worship. i think it was just right that men and women were separated for this session. truly though we may have similar lamentations as singles, gravity sometimes differ when gender sets in. so there were those sharings that i could relate to and there were those same stories i've heard from friends. we were again put to 10 mins of reflection...argh, i fell asleep... and heard God's message, "Rest my Child, Rest"...no kidding! at first i couldn't believe i was hearing it...and a lot of people were laughing whenever i share this experience, how could it not really happen, huh? it was so clear and so real... the only male voice i heard from an all women session! the men & women merged for the 3rd talk that was really empowering and ended the night with praisefest. instead of watching the finals of the contests right after the praisefest, we all just went to our tents to sleep. this 2nd day was really tiring as expected..physically exhausting yet spiritually revitalizing!

feb 18 - day 3 HOPE Conference
started with a mass, our 3rd Day in lanao became even more "hopeful" right after our last session. this batch of LXS (League of Extra-ordinary Singles) were introduced. they've shared their convictions being men & women of God. they were very inspiring especially brother meng, his story could be compared to tobit, his whole life is a miracle, despite the hardships he remains faithful.after the praisefest, we just ate lunch and prepared ourselves for the long trip going back to zamboanga. on our trip going back tyo zamboanga, we were with our zamboangeño brothers and sisters and a coouple of kapampangan brothers. CFC couple fetched us from the terminal when we finally reached zamboanga, they've "adopted" us for a night...so sweet.

feb 19- goodbye, mindanao
when we woke up in the morning, we realized how beautiful this CFC couple's place is. surrounding the whole area are mountains, a spacious ground a very beautiful garden. we dind't waste time and took pictures :) buffet breakfast was also served...yummy! here's the whole gang as we bid farewell.
we just checked in our baggages and went to "barter market" to buy some zamboangeño products and can you believe malaysian goodies! it was a very brief shopping but at least i was able to buy pasalubong and some stuff for myself. we went back to the airport and that officially ends my mindanao trip.whew!
check out all HOPE CONFERENCE's pictures here.

feb 25- GK 1MB
hindi ko muna gagamitin ang wikang banyaga (sa mga salitang hindi pangngalan), ipinagmamalaki ko na bilang Pilipino, mahusay talaga akong mag-Tagalog at bahagi lamang ng aking pagka-Pilipino ang pagiging mahusay ko ring mag-Ingles .tulad ng mga ilang nakaraang taon, sa pakikibahagi ng Couples For Christ sa diwa ng Edsa Revolution, pinakita naming muli kung paanong magkaisa ang mga Pilipino para sa isang maganda at marangal na hangarin. habang papunta akong GK site,bumungad sa aking umaga ang pangunahing balita ng Philippine Daily Inquirer ang "Gawad Kalinga"...ito na raw ang bagong diwa ng EDSA, ang panibagong Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo.tulad nga nung nasa awit noong kasagsagan ng EDSA REVOLUTION...eto ay isang mapayapang paraang pagbabago.natuwa ako dahil marami na ang naniniwala sa gawain namin...at sa patuloy kong paglalakad papuntang GK site, nakangiti ako...alam kong maraming Pilipino sa iba't-ibang bahagi ng Pilipinas ang kasabay kong naglalakad upang maki-bahagi sa Gawad Kalinga.

pagdating ko sa GK Selecta Village, tumulong ako sa gawain ng Urban Farming. hindi talaga ako "green thumb" pero sana yung mga kasama ko sa pagtatanim ng halaman, hindi ko katulad para kahit papaano may mabuhay sana sa mga halamang nilagay namin malapit sa Sibol School, nagbungkal din ako ng lupa sa ilalim ng init ng araw...dito sigurado akong walang lupang mamamatay....hahaha!nagkaroon din kami ng "GK empowerment", nagsalo-salo sa pananghalian at umuwing hapo, pagod, maitim at maligaya :)

Feb 8, 2007

it's clp season once again

for those single men & women who are:

a) busy
b) who wants to be busy
c) who wants to gain more friends
d) who wants to have a more personal relationship with God


venue: midtown chapel, cainta rizal

time: 7:00 PM

date: february 24, 2007 and twelve saturdays thereafter

Jan 28, 2007


here's my very talented sister playing the guitar and singing hawak-kamay.my new career option? be her manager! hahaha... check out more of her videos (w/her kuya 3rd) at http://www.badyheng.multiply.com/video

Jan 24, 2007

certified jologs

our system in the office is currently having problems which was caused by the recent earthquake in taiwan and it's running extremely slow. fortunately, there's this e-mail with lots of tests that was spreading around the office. the tagalog quiz was something i was able to encounter before so i must say i did pretty well and so with the acronym test but the one i found as the most challenging of them all is the jologs test...geez, my weird memory which for some reasons mostly remembers showbiz trivias was once again tested. on occassions that office system ran slow, i was in deep thought....and i'm shamelessly proud to have answered (without any help from any of my officemates, believe me they don't even know the answers) the following jologs questions:

a) theme song ni richard gomez & sharon cuneta
b) host na puppet sa batibot na laging may dala-dalang mike
c) children show ni subas herrero
d) nostra damus ng asia
e) hinulaan ng sagot sa letter d na mamamatay sa sarili nyang show
f) kumanta ng just a smile away for close-up commercial (clue from me:i know you guys are thinkin' of gino padilla pero nde yun. closer you and i kasi ang kinanta ni gino)
g) role na ginampanan ni sharon cuneta sa isang massacre film
h) pangalan ng character ni aurora sevilla sa aguila
i) noontime show ng channel 7 nung matapos ang lunch date
j) commercial model ng asahi electricfan
k) show ni german moreno tuwing umaga
l) anchor ng tv patrol in-charge for showbiz news
m) show ni tito sotto, helen gamboa, chuckie dreyfus & isabel granada
n) show ni oskee salazar sa channel 13
o) segment sa batibot na mga daliri ang bida

those are just some tough questions that i was able to answer...hmmm, do you know the answers? you can try, i'll let you know if you got 'em correctly.

Jan 13, 2007

new year's resolutions

a) SAVE - i have been saving since i started working but not for myself, i've been keeping portion of my salaries, bonuses, 13th month pays & loans to support education of my siblings and daily needs of our family. this year, i'm adding myself to the beneficiaries. this nearing 30s thingy keeps poppin' into my consciousness. i know that success should not be measured by wealth alone and so is fulfillment and satisfaction but then again i don't wanna wake up one day being empty-handed and be in a situation when i couldn't anymore give.i plan on getting a savings plan where i can put some money and enjoy the benefits later, i'll be exploring some pre-need financial plans and review what suits me well.

b)GO BACK TO ARTS-i've thrown all my art materials when i could no longer find time to paint. few days before 2007, i was able to use some of my VLs (vacation leave) and reconnected myself to arts.i modestly started combining colors again with oil pastel..i intend to do this more often and maybe buy more art materials so i could go back to painting again.

for this year, it looks like i have selfish resolutions. . . it's about time.