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Aug 31, 2007

on this new national issue

my travel time from work going home is basically the same time as the evening news on tv so i don't get the chance to watch.oh, late news is very late for me because i wake up at 4:30 AM to prepare for work. sometimes when channel surfing while watching channel 7's telebabad, i get to glimpse on news at channel 9 or channel 11...unluckily, they don't feature all these CFC-GK news. when people asked me about it in the office for the first time, i'm quite shocked that it even reached status of "national issue".honestly, since i don't get to watch news on tv, i don't know how to answer...should i defend CFC and GK that doesn't sound too defensive? why do i have to talk about this with them in the first place? they're not even CFC members and never been to any GK site! heck, some members don't even know what's really happening and maybe the news shocked them even more! i don't like talking against brothers & sisters who've been God's instruments for me to have a better relationship with Him. just thinking out loud, maybe there are people out there who have the same dilemma now. if we unite in the future, i hope this also reaches "national issue" level...but i doubt, people just love talking about negative things...this truly saddens me.

Aug 9, 2007

sugar, spice and the not so nice

God never fails to surprise me.just when i thought that my "dance with life in mono" would be forever, He suddenly gave a dash of sugar, spice and sprinkled on some not so nice in my personal bubbles.

last August 2, - a dash of sugar to my family bubble. we've received a sweet gift from God...my very first niece, Miah Francesca -named after her mom, Jeremiah and dad, Francis. we call her Mishka for short and yes, i sort of pushed her mom to have it as nickname because of my fondness for filipina jazz singer, mishka adams.well, her cute nickname matches her cute face. here's her picture :

evening of the same day, i've received an inivitation from a brother in the community to give a talk in their CLP. since i'm basically free on the time & day of the event, i immediately said yes then asked which talk will i be giving. he replied "talk 7" then i felt God pouring my personal preference bubble a dash of spice. the talk is about christian family and for the past 7 years in the community, i've been purposely avoiding and declining to give it for two simple reasons- i've always felt unqualified and unworthy to even talk about something that i am not convinced that i have. i believe that our family's situation is not even close to the definition.since i said my "yes" already, i could no longer back out. suddenly, this picture of mishka was sent to me by my brother- i suddenly heard God speaking to me that "here's a realization of my promise". it's a clear message that it's about time i have to talk about my family in the community. i shouldn't take away the fact that God has been victorious in our lives when all 3 of us siblings joined SFC and was able to successfully channel our brokenness to something positive.

i've never felt such nervousness when my name was called as the speaker to talk about christian family and i've never felt so victorious after i gave it. the teamleader told me that he was so sure that i was meant to give it. the participants were all from GK site and they were able to somehow associate themselves to the same struggles i have as a single person trying to build a christian family.

my family introduced me to God and to the church and i owe them big because my sense of spirituality has a solid foundation. when i yearned for a deeper friendship with God, i joined SFC. the whole community of CFC-SFC has been my solid rock for the past seven years...lately, it's being put to test. this ain't God sprinkling something not so nice on my spiritual bubble, it's maybe just something that He allowed to happen so we can refocus and not further fall into something that is not pleasing to His eyes. i admire the wisdom of our elders and i even have greater faith that God will lead us all to UNITY.

as for me, i will always be thankful...for the good times and much more for the bad times of my spiritual journey.for in these trials, that i have gained greater faith.