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Dec 23, 2008


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Dec 5, 2008

digital life...crashed

when our laptop crashed during mid of this year (a good techy guy from ate dothy's ofc was able to save me from this mess :) ), i have decided to buy an external drive so i could transfer all my files.when i left RS, i know that my account profile will eventually be deleted so i also transferred those files i think i would still be needing just in case the person who'll replace me will be asking for help.so last july, i bought a new Western Digital HDD 500GB. it was so easy to use, you just basically need to plug. however, it only lasted for 4 months ... one saturday morning when i was abou to burn some files that i'll be needing for SAGIP... i cannot get power into the drive in order to turn it on. maybe the connection came loose or something ... i'm not a very techy person so i really don't know what happened. i went to the store where i bought it since it's still under warranty. i was told that manufacturer can replace the unit BUT cannot back-up the files...waaahhh!

our IT guy is trying to help me recover them all...hope you could also help me pray that he will be able to do so. he has done some initial recovering but they were unsuccessful. i asked him to talk to ate dothy's officemate who saved me during the first mess and he'll be trying another way...yeah, i lost the warranty. there are authorized companies by WD who can recover files but i have to send the unit abroad...that would be my last option as they are too costly...

it's like my whole life has crashed...all my files are there. i should have not be too trusting.

well, i have uploaded a lot of pictures at my multiply site (not all though and of course the resolution is totally different now)...but how about my corporate files? my mp3s? argh!!!

if i couldn't really afford the last option...my VERY LAST OPTION HERE IS ACCEPTANCE.