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May 23, 2010

Passport renewal

here's where you can schedule an appointment with DFA for your passport application and renewal : www.passport.com.ph . 

I didn't know about it until anna mentioned that her friend who was trying to get an appointment couldn't get a date earlier than june 26, she has a flight on may 26 :( all along i thought renewal won't give me a hard time since i lost mine few years ago and just visiting DFA office during that time took me less a day to apply for a replacement...but to my surprise, I couldn't get an appointment earlier than july 07 for my renewal...i have a scheduled flight on july 01!!! my persistent self and my mouse-clicking fingers just made me click "reload" (right-click) several times and God gave me a miracle, i was able to schedule myself next Friday, May 28! whew! 

Btw, normal processing is now 20 days and rush processing is now 10 days. set an appointment early!

geez, God loves me!