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Nov 19, 2006

always making up

due to time unavailabilty, busy sched, all the adventures & misadventures or simply laziness, i am now again updating in a summarize format. i'm quite unhappy doing this all the time because i feel that everytime that i do so, i end up not really showing how i've felt during that certain event. somehow that certain state of happinesss, sadness or anger have already subsided and my blog entry is not anymore narrative but rather enumerative. i always try to recall previous events but my present adventures are always kept in my to-tell list.i'm quite dissatisfied but i feel that making up is way better than depriving myself of telling stories.i've sworn so many times but unable to keep promises but i'll swear again...i'll try to update as much as i can :)

okay, now that i've said my litany of excuses (hehehe), here are recent happenings in my life:

october 07 - GK Expo at Mall of Asia

it was my first time at the mall of asia, its name speaks for itself, the area was quite big but it looks like it's not during the GK Expo because CFC community is quite a big number that occupied the whole place. we were there together with our SAGIP kids and we took care of all 40 of them (haaaaaaaaay). regular facilitators (ate evs, tetchie, charisse & myself) attended a forum in the morning so we just got to see the kids right after the very inspiring forum. it talked about the involvement of some corporations in the Child Development Programs of Gawad Kalinga. One thought which one speaker shared that i couldn't forget was about this great chinese proverb "Tell me that i may know, show me that i may see, involve me that i may understand".Truly it's being involved that one can fully understand the works of Gawad Kalinga. Words aren't enough & pictures can't tell all the miracles and transformations that happened to every person involved in this work of nation building...sali na!

the four of us roamed the GK Expo site first before finally showing up where the kids were.we savored the taste of our 1/2 DAY OFF together...

after we've sent the kids where they took their lunch, we've taken ours as well at one chinese restaurant in MOA.

right after lunch came the very tiring duty of really taking care of the kids, we toured them around the mall and at the GK Expo site together with the rest of SFCs from our chapter who volunteered to help us.

it was quite a day ... i was too worried when i learned we lost one kid, good thing, one sister from our chapter found him surprisingly not too worried that no one from his friends was with him...well he was having a splendid time ...sigh...alone. right after SFC has marched, we decided to leave Mall of Asia and left the kids with San Andres Kapitbahayan. we took dinner at Mc Donald's El Pueblo and we had the grandest time of being kids again (this time not worrying that we have a bunch of kids to take care of) by taking pictures with Mc Donald's mascots. It's my firs time to see a Ronald Mc Donald's Mascot who is not the trained person mascot but someone wearing a mascot's costume.

november 01- all saints' day; spent the whole day at the cemetery watching papa's tomb, sunkissing (my annual sunbathing activity), offered prayers & lighted candles.

november 05-jm's and papa's birthdays.we just had a simple lunch w/ family at Tianenmen.

november 16-second wind as a household head.i was given a new set of household this year and we had our very 1st household that also served as michelle's farewell household meeting.she flew to the US last November 20 to practice her profession as physical therapist. only len & michelle were able to make it, atchie & rachel were not with us due to work-related reasons..nevertheless, my first household with them was a blast :)