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Aug 13, 2010

travelling anew

when i left RS, two years ago, i wasn't really expecting that I'll be travelling as much as I used to. I actually regret that I didn't maximize my business trips then so right now, when I get the chance to travel, I've been documenting evrything. Photos for digiscraps are now lined up that even if I don't have internet connection, I still have something to do at home. recently, I realized that :

1) I simply love doing non-work related layouts
2) I love my country...so much to be explored...so much to do
3) I actually have willing travel buddies who can go crazy with me
4) Waiting for promo fares became an addiction
5) My limited budget can go far (literally & figuratively)
6) Though not free, I appreciate personal trips than business trips. no work involved (hahaha), just pure pleasure :) and expenditures (argh!)

hmmmm, I still have 2 months to fill up. takers, anyone?