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Apr 18, 2005

SFC-Christian Life Program

'ey peeps, you can still join. next week, we'll have Talk #2 :) ang saya, ang saya mag-SFC :)

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Apr 13, 2005

let me talk about what's happening for the last couple of months...

Internal Catalogue Launch...spent 5 whole days in Subic...whatta week! this happened around 3rd week of March.It was quite fun. This was the very first time I spent time with RS people outside office. I would normallycome out in my "aquarium" only during lunch time. the only time i get to really chat with them. This time around, it was different, I've quite bonded with them. ..got pictures...take a peek ;)

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ROBBED....we've been robbed thrice in our present apartment so we're moving to a new one this month. sadly, we lost 3 cellular phones already and a watch which was my mom's christmas gift to me.

BUNDLE OF JOY...third and 3-ann are back to spend vacation here :) i now always look forward to going home each night.

let me just sing this ....may tatlong bear sa loob ng isang bahay. si papa bear, si mama bear, si baby bear. si papa bear ay malakas, si mama bear ay maganda, si baby bear ay napakaliksi.tingnan ny, tingnan nyo, ang saya nila...FULL HOUSE...my new source of happines :P