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Jul 21, 2005

usapang busmates

"everyone's getting married and species like us (the so-called "nbsb-type") just became rare and suddenly just became not normal"- - -as what my highschool busmate, ces and i recently talked about during one unexpected fx ride together. before, when we heard of someone we know getting married or having a baby, it was like receiving the greatest shocks of our lives but now, we just can't help not to envy their luck. . .hahaha!

funny that back in high school, all of us were just plainly admiring the supposedly world's half-population or what other girls refer as "boys" . back then, even the not -so-good-looking boys can still be anybody's object of affection in an all-girls school like ours . . .hehehe! now that most of my high school busmates (oh please include more than half of my batchmates, schoolmates, friends and mere acquaintances) have husbands already or at least have potential ones, i suddenly felt that when the world rotated, that certain part of my life never rotated along with them. truly, a lot of things have changed in my life except for my status. as one of my busmates and sister in sfc, ria once concluded that since my grade school days was the only time i actually mingled and dealt with boys daily, i never outgrew the "girls vs. boys" stage. well, i couldn't agree more.

this is not to shout to the world about my singlehood and how i am actually enjoying (and SOMETIMES NOT, admittedly) such status. what i'd like to stress in this entry is that it still surprises me how time can change or unchange life, and how certain part of our lives remain unpredictable. sometimes, you just can't tell your future, not even by tracing back your past nor by the goals you've once set to achieve.

usapang busmates . . oh, how i miss shallow, uncomplicated conversations. i never thought that recalling such events would give me an almost 2-hour fun. 'til next ride!

Jul 6, 2005

rest and relaxation

monday night was cramming night for me. i arrived home late and i had to prepare for my scheduled lower household the day after. i was browsing through christian references that i have but to no avail, i just couldn't find anything. when my sister arrived from her household, i asked what their topic was so i could probably just copy. she said, it came from "in his steps". sometimes i also use this as reference but as i was browsing, i remember sunday's gospel taken from matthew 11:28-30 "come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest. take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for i am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. for my yoke is easy and my burden is light". convinced that god will take care of me for the next day's household, i took rest and read my longtime favorite juvenile book, "wrong-way romance" until i fell asleep.

tuesday morning came, i gathered my household materials as i was preparing myself for work and planned to just browse again through my references in the office and just decide there. while i was getting my "perfect partner", i saw a paper inserted in it, a topic that was just given to us by ate lydia but never really discussed since we basically just visited a sick sister last time. . . the topic was "Jesus Took Time To Rest". . .whoa, just perfect!

here are some good points to ponder from our topic last night:

>>"come ye yourselves apart into desert place and rest a while" (Mark 6:31)

>> jesus was an action man, a people person. he produced. he healed. he preached and taught. he walked among the people. but he also knew the necessity of rest and relaxation.

>> rest and recreation are not sins. rest time is repair time. it is not loss of productivity. it is time for renewing. it is receiving time. it helps release your potential.

>> jesus understood the balance of rest and work, which might be the reason he was able to accomplish so much in three and one-half years. life is demanding. people are demanding. in fact, the more you succeed, the more people will demand of you.

>>stop your frantic push for success. take time to taste the present. the fires of desire will always rage within you. you must dominate the rage and focus it. learn to rest. jesus did.

just to share my answers from our discussion:

how often do you actually schedule rest and relaxation time?
i take naps during FX travels . i guess that's rest.

what do you do to rest your mind at work? At home?
i rest my mind from work when i'm at home and i rest my mind from home when i'm at work

If you had one full day to yourself, what would you do?
i'll escape reality for a while. . . go to the beach or an island. sleep, enjoy the sun, enjoy the scene, read a good book, have a movie marathon and eat, eat, eat!

the last question was our favorite. . .we all went to dreamland..hehehe!