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May 28, 2006

long overdue stories ought to be told

guess what's two weeks of not postin' can give you ? that's too many stories for me to tell and for you to read... in chronological order, let me tell 'em all...

may 16...asahi glass road show.
road show...i'll be using this term once in a while since this office activity has been keepin' me busy lately..so as to add in your vocab, road show just means a company presentation to clients.

for this particular client, i was tasked to do the presentation by myself since my boss was doing the same presentation in the visayas area.i'll be doing 3 presentations for this week and asahi's the first among others. since this was my first time, i was quite nervous...when my officemate handling the said account fetch the team in the office, i had to make sure my presentation, projector, corporate give-aways were all ready and in perfect condition.once everything was tested, we travelled going to pasig. we were seated comfortably & even exchanging jokes when dalton's car suddenly stopped in mercedes avenue in pasig.we were actually near our destination so what we did was pushed the car to the nearest gas station and grabbed a cab right away. another misfortune came when we finally arrived in asahi, we were told that some expected attendees were held to an emergency meeting so i had to start even if there were only six attendees.good thing we ended up with 14 attendees as the presentation was progressing. not bad since we're really just expecting 20. when the presentation finally ended, we worried about the car and had to hurry back to the gas station. since luck was not really on us, there was no cab around asahi's vicinity and we had to take tricycle...yes, with all the equipments we were carrying...laptop, projector (not the handy type, it was even bigger than my travelling bag!) & all other stuff we had to carry back to our office.it was 4 PM and the sun was still up in all his glory! dalton's car was able to calmly rest in the gas station and we suspected that filling the water tank with water can solve whattchamacallit trouble we encountered...and while dalton was trying to start the engine, i whispered a short prayer and that did it! to end the day, we rewarded ourselves with snacks & coffee in starbucks.....i really felt we deserved that...hopefully that's gonna be the ultimate road show experience...isa na siyang alamat...hehehe!

may 17...rohm lsi road show- no misfortune happened :)

may 18...philips calamba road show. said presentation eaten up my whole day since this is out of town and i had to present in two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.we wrapped up in 4 in the afternoon. my officemates and i went out for dinner afterwards...sorry, can't tell further.

may 19...it's another one on one household for me this week for my lower household. i've received last minute cancellation again and i could no longer hide my depression.sometimes, i can't understand why i'm experiencing these problems. oh well, maybe this is just a phase. i'm starting to miss the days when i was having lower household with 3 or more members present. oh lord, give me more patience and more wisdom to understand....
may 20...my high school friends and i had get-together. gelen handed us her wedding invitation (wedding date is on the 10th of june) and melissa also announced her engagement, she'll be married on december. well, marilen is another case and yes she's currently "involved" with someone....hmmmm...as for myself, i'll be attending the weddings...hahaha! ganun lang...geez, i never thought high school get-together can be pressuring!

after that, i went straight to MMLA, topic was about our community's stand on being PRO-LIFE

may 23-25...general santos city road show.'twas my first time to visit the place. i wasn't excpecting it to be beautiful and enjoyable. i thought, it was just another province.

on our first day, we ate at isla parilla for lunch...there, i met dianna-the fish for the first time. yummy! even better than all the other fishes i've tasted.for someone who loves fish so much, you must believe me when i say, it really tastes good :) of course, sashimi, prawns & seaweeds were also present on the table...it was my best lunch ever! for dinner, we went to naddie's chicken...compering it to chicken bacolod, their chicken is way better.after dinner we went to a bar and watched a band play...geeez, it was horrible! one of the singers was a fag and he was singing mariah carey's songs! uhm, not to forget his dancing, it was almost the same dance i saw in billie's bridal shower...hahaha!

second day in gen san was "work". this was the road show proper. we had over 40 attendees comin' from various companies in gen san.unlike our typical road show, this time we invited an acoustic band to play during lunch (they are soooo waaay better than the one we watched the previous night). we ended at around 2 PM and went to dole philippines' pineapple plantation. i've never seen so many pineapples around me. we took our late lunch in their clubhouse. yes, the company has its own golf course and even has a la salle- operated school in their vicinity for the executives' children... grabe noh? dinner was on roof top of one of the hotels in gen san (sorry, forgot the name) and there i met sergeant-the fish, yummy too but dianna is better. of course, my favorite sashismi was again present on the table.

on our last day before departure, we went to citra mina---it's the place where you buy tuna for pasalubong. i bought tuna panga, sashimi (of course!) and tuna siomai. that's less than Php 500. i love to go back there, in fact, i think, i can live in this place. it's a perfect combination of a progressive city and yet you can still enjoy a provincial atmosphere.you can still have career there since there are big companies and yet life still looks not so stressful.haay, sarap mabuhay dito!

may 26-28...tobit's weekend. this is basically a cfc activity. us SFC leaders were just invited to join. there were sessions really that i felt that it's too for CFC only but in general, the whole activity was truly inspiring.attending CFC activities always make me hopeful that someday i can build a "good" family just like them...at least, i'm seeing living testimonials that there are those that can really make it work...it may not be first-hand experience but the CFCs i know make me sort of hopeful.

our chapter had the most number of sfc attendees and we truly enjoyed each other's company. it's the first time of our brother Beteng to join us in an out-of town activity of SFC though he's been in the community for 11 years. we truly enjoyed his company...he's so funny. he played as our "game master" during our trip. our trip going home was endless games, fun, laughter and singing :)

May 14, 2006

i'm an old soul

You Are an Old Soul

You are an experienced soul who appreciates tradition.
Mellow and wise, you like to be with others but also to be alone.
Down to earth, you are sensible and impatient.
A creature of habit, it takes you a while to warm up to new people.

You hate injustice, and you're very protective of family and friends
A bit demanding, you expect proper behavior from others.
Extremely independent you don't mind living or being alone.
But when you find love, you tend to want marriage right away.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul and Visionary Soul