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Dec 20, 2005

2 months !

it's exactly 2 months since i've posted last. . . blame it on my busy sched. how i miss blogging and i truly regret that i wasn't able to post some significant happenings recently (2 months is still recent right?). i'm currently on-leave from the office. my supposedly first two-days of vacation leave were spent in the hospital....life's been so stressfull, you know... and my asthma attacks became so frequent and there you go, right after my check-up, i was confined. i hated hearing all the "i told you so" from family and friends. i'm gonna be back to work tomorrow and yes, stressfull life will continue on. i'll be back to my workaholic self and puhleazze don't stop me, i still find "work" therapeutic (ironic, huh?)

'ey best wishes to ate jhett and kkk (kuya kokoy,hehehe!). they tied the knots last sunday.
our family pix :

with sfc (i think, gaining some weight right after that hospital rest ain't so bad after all) :