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Feb 27, 2006

my reasonable excuse for my blogging absence

my blogging absence for so long do not actually mean that i have no story to tell, in fact, i've gathered quite a number of worth blogging ones that i'm having a hard time starting. before stories pile up even more, i think i better start. . .

only my 2nd SFC International Leaders' Conference so far for an almost six years stay in the community.unlike the others who got frustrated when this was announced last MMLC , i was actually one of the few people who was excited to know that this will be in Baguio. the reason for my excitement was, i know i'll be able to attend because holding this in Baguio would mean not spending too much for accommodation & transportation that's why my meager money was actually enough but God was really generous to give me additional just in the nick of time (the reimbursement for my medicines was deposited while i was in baguio!).

just to enumerate all my learnings & realizations during the conference:
> redefining God's Gift : more than its romantic angle, God's Gift is actually your vocation (whether it's married life, single blessedness, priesthood, etc....) and there's no "lesser" gift because it's God-given.
> self-revolution is making a 180 degree turn from your bad old ways
> we should be radical Christians because the spiritual warfare has always been on-going, even worse than any other wars around
> on a more personal note, i was able to fully relate with the first talk & its sharer. i was able to realize that i have no acceptable reason to complain on life's hardships because Christ took even the more difficult road, experienced much deeper pain so as just to save us from sins
> i've gained so much in this conference, in fact more than all the realizations, the affirmation to still continue doing all my SFC activities with passion created so much impact on me. for one, it took away all my doubts as to what my real motives are in staying active in SFC...admittedly, it also dawned on me if i was just doing all these activities because i wanted to use the community as escape goat from life's realities. after the conference, all my questions were answered...this community should not be my escape goat. all the enjoyment, all the fulfillments, all the friends i've gained are God's rewards in heeding to His call. I'm more than blessed :)
> i've appreciated the chapter where i belong to even more...they're full of wisdom (double meaning, hehehe!), real, funny, and above all, MATURE! i need not elaborate more, all i can say is that my patience was once again tested.

GK 1MB {Gawad Kalinga Isang Milyong Bayani}
>feb 25th of this year marks EDSA 1's 20th anniversary. in celebration of the event,our community had HEROES BUILD in the morning. as usual,i helped in facilitating SAGIP activities...though really hot, it was a lot of fun!
>in the afternoon, all of us went to quezon city memorial circle and attended GK 1MB program...there, big and small heroes were recognized...i'm quite proud to be numbered along with them
>right after the program was the concert wherein two major bands were featured.i truly enjoyed the last band, bamboo...not only did i enjoy their songs and performance but i felt good to see once again my long-time object of infatuation, ira, bamboo's lead gitarist
>the tiring day ended with a ride of a lifetime :)

Feb 4, 2006

just scribbling them all down

today is one of those rare saturdays that i just need to sit down and rest. i'm supposed to be doing two major tasks : sagip in the morning and laundry (either before or after my sagip service). well, i wasn't able to do any of those. i spent my whole day watching tv and browsing the net. i know my brother is getting tired of my idleness lately (you should see him giving me litany all the time----i'm damn getting tired of those!). being idle is not even my nature,i just don't wanna tire myself too much lately. a day in the office is already too much for me to handle, when i get home,l i just wanna do one thing---REST. i have a rather logical explanation to that. you know, i used to contribute a lot at home in all aspects but for the past months now, i just couldn't do too much physical work. i feel that i haven't been breathing normally, i get tired easily and experience chest pains once in a while. yes, i've been seeing a doctor since december (right after i got hospitalized). i had one vaccination recently and will have another one this month. these vaccinations if not only would give me some sort of assurance of a better health is not something i will normally take. i find each shot quite costly, soooo way beyond my tight budget. my medicine for maintenance is also costly, i badly need to buy one already since the 60th inhalation has long been over but i couldn't afford it. my budget is quite tight, it's either i take the vaccination or buy that damn expensive medicine! another thing to consider is the upcoming SFC International Leaders' Conference next week at Baguio...i don't know how will i be able to manage the expenses there. i never had these soooo much pressure financially before, somehow i managed to play with what i have.maybe all these will also pass ---i don't really know how, honestly. every time, i wake up in the morning lately... i never fail to thank God for letting me still see another morning despite all the breathing problems :) somehow, i know i'll be able to manage all these---again, i really don't know how...maybe, God just loves me so much that He helps me bear all these:)

i need to just jot down some firstssssss for the year :
a) trip to indonesia

b) anti-bacteria vaccination
c) another major adjustment (new manager came in last month)