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May 16, 2007

chronicles of may

goodbye daddy nonong-may 1

i just grew up fondly calling him "daddy", he's my uncle. when i heard the news about his death, i felt quite relieved. i believe that those people who've done enough in life deserves rest and daddy is one of those. sometimes, it's even at a person's death that you've learned so much about that person. reading about daddy here at tita grace's blog , i've realized how interesting his life was. i've known him as the quiet, hardworking seaman uncle who've always been respected by our family and that was it. bringing third & tri-ann with me, i took a vacation leave for 2 days to attend at his wake and funeral in lucena. it was nice seeing the whole clan again :) the kids (my cousins) have grown up, they were so hyper, uncontrollable & funny. . . i suddenly felt really old around them. click my multiply site and kado's multiply site to see pictures of this event.

jason's wedding - may 12
cheers, pare! be faithful to your new 6PM sharp commitment :)
eto ang katibayan ng huling pangbabae mo na binata ka....hahaha!

chapter outing -may 13

whew...after 2 years (not so sure, i think it could even be 3!), we were able to have a chapter summer outing again. we had it at lakevila resort in binangonan. though, i'm not the kind of person who enjoys the pool (i can't swim) but the cool company of my sfc friends and the overpouring inihaw were already enough reasons for me to enjoy. there were fun games & videoke sessions. everyone was on "cloud 9" (hehehe) when we left the venue.

'til next year, chaptermates :)

i voted-may 14

i never missed practicing my right as a voter of this country since i turned 18. it's one of those privileges of being an adult that i really looked forward to. this elections, i didn't think about winnability of candidates i voted. the people whom i put my trust to the respected seats of this nation are equally respectable and whom during part of their previous career have proven themselves to have done something for this nation and since i'm no fool not to know that at one point of thier lives, these people have also been part of the worsening corruption situation of our government, rest assured that i have thought my decision over and over---i voted the lesser evil...no matter how uniwinnable they are.

sad news-may 15
a former officemate informed me that JP,our then COO in Cinnabon died of a heart attack.it's so sudden and everyone's shocked until now. his body is still in france and once his body will be brought here in the philippines, it's gonna be a sad reunion for us former Cinnabon employees who shared sweet days with JP in the yellow building along buendia:(