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Jul 7, 2007

just another sick entry

have i really watched so much televison shows? or have i just really let myself worked so hard? i posted those questions because it seems that i miss a lot on life lately. i have too much questions on my head right now.they just popped from nowhere. okay, okay so i've been sick again and i hate the feeling of being not busy because that's the time when feeling of being alone sets in. i dragged myself to work until thursday so i could finish reports. i was feeling terribly bad since sunday night but i think i'll feel worse being alone at home. i don't wanna miss papa so much who used to take care of me during times like these. i perfectly remember him being the one who always ended up having sleepless nights just to make sure i took my medicines on time, gave me sponge bath and would only be able to sleep if i was.friday was like hitting rock bottom and this time i really had to stay home. thursday night i was really chillin' and experiencing migraine.asthma attacks were there but i was able to handle it.right now, i'm giving myself a rest. as much as i hate to admit it,i miss being taken care of and i'm truly just faking i'm okay but no need to worry, i've been to even worse situations...i can carry on.