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Nov 5, 2004

the story behind yellow balloons during november 5

exactly 21 years ago, our new house then was filled with yellow balloons, yellow ribbons and our entire family was wearing yellow clothes. why was that? my brother and my father were celebrating their birthdays together. they were both born on the 5th of november.it was the first ever theme party i've attended. this was also the year when former senator ninoy aquino was assasinated. there was an on-going "yellow fever" in the country. yellow color was representing LABAN, the political party which eventually became the AQUINOs color...also used by his wife when she was campaigning. my father had such great faith to the late senator thus when he and my brother celebrated their birthdays 21 years ago, he went along with the "yellow fever" which resulted to our very own LABAN "party"...hehehe.during Ninoy's funeral, a lot of yellow balloons having "Ninoy, hindi ka nag-iisa" print were all over the country...yeah, my father brought the entire family to luneta that time...i was there:)we even had pictures wearing yellow shirts with Ninoy's face and "L"(laban) sunvisors.since JM and Papa were celebrating their birthdays together...papahuli ba naman ang aming ama ? call him fanatic but the yellow party balloons during their birthday had "JM, hindi ka nag-iisa...kasama mo si Papa" print. bongga! now that papa's having his 6th birthday party with God...i'm sending YELLOW BALLOONS to heaven as i pray for his soul. to my brother, JM...kahit nasa langit na si Papa...huwag kang mag-alala, hindi ka pa rin nag-iisa. Maligayang Bati sa inyong dalawa!