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Apr 21, 2009

Be proud to be Pinoy

"JM was randomly approached by a stranger at the train yesterday who complains about the Philippines' hopelessness and responded like, "You better read up more about my country's current improvements and our history to understand our plight & if you have a valid statement." Pinoys in foreign lands, it may be tough but I guess we have a responsibility to stand up against people like this everyday" posted last Monday.

when i saw this on JM's facebook's status message, I knew there's more meat to it so i asked....

jeng: ano yung nag-approach sa yo? alam pinoy ka?
JM Junio: ang una nga eh...
JM Junio: you look chinese but you speak filipino
JM Junio: na pagupo ko tinititigan muna ko
jeng: hehe tpos nung nalamang pinoy ka, mega-litanya?
JM Junio: oo noh
jeng: ano nationality nya?
JM Junio: tapos sinasabi ko you have to understand that we were colonized for centuries and this is part of our adjustment period
JM Junio: chinese
JM Junio: tapos sabi nya, wala daw connection yun bakit naman daw singapore, hong kong maayos kahit nacolonize
jeng: eh ilang taon lang naman?
jeng: tyo 333 years---spaniards lang yan
JM Junio: eh sabi ko "kasi magandang model of governance ang pinakita ng british, eh tingnan mo nga ang spain, mahirap na
JM Junio: sabi ko pa, tingnan mo din ang nangyari sa mga latin american countries mahirap din
JM Junio: tapos bigla nyang sinabi, but you shouldn't live bec of the past
JM Junio: sabi ko, "that's part of our identity and you can't hide that where we are is a great effect of our colonization"
JM Junio: tapos sabi nya, bakit daw walang improvement sa pilipinas
JM Junio: sabi ko, "if you're reading enough, you will find out that this is the time when our GDP growth is the highest"
JM Junio: matanda na yan
jeng: haha...oo nga baseless personal opinion...bati naman kayo pagkatpos?
JM Junio: eh pababa na sya, so nagmadali sabi "i know phils is a nice country, been there so many times and it will improve" sinabi nya kasi nagmamadali na sya
JM Junio: ineexpect nya na ilalaglag ko pilipinas
jeng: so proud of you! this is worth blogging
JM Junio: oo nga
jeng: ipo-post ko muna
JM Junio: mapapaupdate tuloy ako ng blog ko
JM Junio: at parang naging mababa pa ko na hindi ako chinese
JM Junio: sinabi ko na lang na "like most filipinos, i have chinese blood"

i think JM's last statement was funny...how could he even speak lowly of Filipinos?there's Chinese blood running in our veins!

whenever I go to other countries , i have numerously been mistaken to be a citizen of other countries and not Filipina. At first this surprised me a lot having brown skin and all...but yeah, I do look like Malaysian and Indonesian (sadly even a fellow kababayan mistaken me to be Indonesian) as well but whenever asked, I proudly say that I am Pinay...and proud!
How proudly Pinoy are you?