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Dec 18, 2009

i continue to be

this year, i have realized one thing...people can just be so rude even if you have not done any harm to them. i have started the year with sorrow and i was hoping to end it joyfully. 2009 involved a lot of crying for me. God has once again strengthened my being, my personality & most of all my faith. i'm looking forward to a better year on 2010. i'm just encapping everything this month then i'll be done. as i was doing this, i was hoping that the person who caused my recent pain would respect my time of healing...i was wrong. nevertheless, i was able to move on.i'm done feeling sorry for myself ...what for? in my understanding, i should feel sorry to those people whose lives remain to be a vicious cycle. as for myself, i have never done anything that would cause anyone too much pain & i tried to be the best that i can be in all the roles that God asked me to portray. with that, i have no regrets...i have sinned as usual and sometimes felt that i'm not worthy to be called His child but God has been so reassuring that He loves me no matter what. His love remains to be the only constant thing in my chaotic world. God sent me a lot of people to show me how much I am loved....i have deeply appreciated the presence of friends and family during those times of trials.

i know for a fact that i still have unclear vision of God's plans for me...all I know is that He'll never leave me, He never did.