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Mar 17, 2010

Psalms to live by

God has been constantly reminding me to trust Him. When I was writing my weekly letter to Padre Pio last Thursday, I wrote about being sorry for having doubted God a lot of times and for not fully trusting Him and then I was lead to Psalm 4:4-5 as I was browsing through an online Bible . I was reminded to be silent and do not entertain sin even in my state of anger. This is why I blogged a prayer last Saturday. I was surprised that people still read blogs as I know a lot are into facebook nowadays.Nicky, a brother from SFC dropped a comment and reminded me again to Trust in the Lord. He shared Psalm 27:13-14.

So I'll be constantly reminded of these Psalms, I have posted them on my PC's monitor. 

Everyday, I'll appreciate your goodness and love, Lord. Thank you for leading me to your messages of love.