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Jun 13, 2010

How To Win The Race You're Running

Persevere in whatever race you're running. Don't just start it but be sure to finish it. Remember that being in heaven is our ultimate prize but God is not actually just waiting for you to be there, He's running with you in this race. He knows when you're tired and comforts you, He helps you carry your load. 

In order to win the race, here are 5 helpful tips:

a) Focus on the prize. Don't look back.
b) Find a healthy distraction- one that will distract you from the burden of the work.
c) Plot short-term goals. Bite-size your goals and celebrate small victories.
d) Get a running mate. Someone that will help you continue on with the race.
e) Run the right race. Do it for the right reason. The only permanent motivation is love because we are made from love.

I am running a spiritual race since the start of 2010. I have never felt so hungry for God's words and God's presence in my life as certain circumstances made me really weak in all aspects. I know that God loves me so much and the assurance that I heard from today's feast that He's running with me in this race almost made me cry. I've been running in circles lately... just keeping myself busy and trying to find something i don't really know along the way. I just realized that despite the confusions around, He's keeping me on track. Admittedly, I am not so focused, I was just running and running and running that's why I easily get tired but He never left me. He  leads me to running mates and showing me the right race. I need to love myself more, the decision to slowly let go of the wrong races I ran through before actually pleased Him. I feel that I am getting there. The first half of the year is about to end, I feel that it pleases Him that I have given myself enough love--- I have regular spiritual nourishment (through households, SFC talks, retreat and prayer time has never been this consistent), Regular exercise is keeping me fit and I'm giving myself a chance to see and experience some little heaven on earth. 

I pray that I'll start to be really focused...I still have unhealthy thoughts and God-given running mates are helping me finish this race ---simply cheering me on and giving me motivation.Continue to pray for me as well, may you also run with me.

Here's a take-away from Today's Feast that was led by Brother George Gabriel at Valle Verde Country Club.