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Oct 21, 2004

no time to rant

when i shared last night in our chapter assembly, i just thanked God for blessing me with a community who's always there to support me. SFC has truly been a blessing to me and my family. . . they're my extended family if there's such. i was so tempted to share about how i'm losing my drive and passion to work just like what my other chaptermates shared but the "beauty" of belonging to a community was so overwhelming recently that i just ignored the negative feelings and thoughts i'm having. . . i'd rather share the good side of life, i'm still going through trials in all aspects of my life . . . but i don't know. . . i feel like hearing the BIG GUY over me whispering that he'll take care of things, as usual . . . there are still so much about life that i should be thankful for. . . i wont rant for now.