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Oct 28, 2004

lrt 2 ride

'twas my first time to ride the famous lrt 2 last monday. been hearing so much about its convenience from my household member, whose school is within the manila area...students nowadays are so lucky...during my time i was able to reach school from home and vice versa after 5 dreams. i was so amazed that my usual 2-3 hour ride from manila to cainta was trimmed down to 1-1 1/2 hour. thanks to the beluga guys who oriented me during my first ride. i already bought a pre-loaded value card since i was asked to visit the ships at pier 15 weekly aside from the weekly mancom meeting at pier 4. hmmmmmmmm.....this and a lot more reasons why i feel i need a new job. i'm drained, sooo drained... mentally, physically, emotionally...nothing BUT the need to have a job drives me to stay here in my present employers...AGAIN, i gotta think of those people whom i love so much and who'll be greatly affected if i'm gonna be jobless...patiently waiting for God's perfect time as to when i can find a new job...for now, i'm stuck BUT still thankful i have a job.