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Jan 11, 2005

events during the holidays

the holidays are over :( so sad. 3-annn and 3rd was able to spend christmas and new year with us and i'm starting to miss them. my bundle of joy is what i call them.3-ann has additional songs in her list that she can sing...officially missing you, torete, let me the one and she even surprised me when she showed me that she can now play the guitar...last summer, she was just playing with some chords but now she can play a full-length song..."noypi"!3rd on the other hand, already became a guitar expert...haay.... some of the things that make me proud i'm their sister.

over the holidays, i was able to complete the "simbang gabi" with my sfc sisters. i also attended family reunion and so glad to see my relatives once again.

at the moment, i'm trying to learn everything here in my new job..believe me, this is far from the 4 other jobs i had in the past.i'm experiencing information-overload and i feel dizzy every time i see graphs and numbers...i always think of myself as creative not logical.geez, it's like having nose-bleed all the time.i've been going home really late and missing all the things i used to enjoy like watching extra challenge and mulawin, cooking dinner for my siblings and most of all...BADMINTON! i hope this won't be forever...i even had to move my usual wednesday night household meetings to sunday.

btw, i might have my first trip abroad this month. hopefully, if i can avail my passport by next week, i'll be able to join my boss at singapore for a marketing conference. it's also okay if i won't be able to join him because on the 29th, i need to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandparents :) cool! if singapore won't push thru...i know there will still be other business trips coming.

in addition, my sister just got engaged....i'll be her very beautiful maid of honor in december :)