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Jan 22, 2005

my sassy girl

wanna die? ? ?
that's one really funny scene from a korean movie, my sassy girl...it's one of my favorite films. it's not shallow, it's not too dramatic, it's intellectually funny, it's one film that you have to have your eyes glued on screen....oh well, because if you're not korean-speaking, you gotta read the sub-title...hehehe. i always watch this whenever i feel down, whenever my SFC sisters want to have fellowship by doing movie marathon at home or whenever i need to have a stress reliever.one more thing, i don't know why i can really relate to this film....hell, of course i know....i'm a sassy girl myself...movie rating: constellation of stars :)


alvic said...

hello..just blog hopping. i liked this movie too :) i even learned to play the theme song 'i believe' in my guitar and sing the japanese version of it.

alvic said...

thanks for visiting my site. of course you can link me... can i link you too?