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Sep 30, 2005

c h a n g e s

"The only constant thing in this world is change"---I've been hearing this line numerous times when I was in high school. This was our directress' favorite line...believe me, like all other things that those nuns were telling us, this was one of those that I only remember due to repetition ... and later on became my constant reminder to cherish every moment and give importance to all things that I'm currently enjoying...BUT always make myself ready for whatever changes life's circumstances may bring.

It's been 10 years since I've graduated from high school and I just turned 27 last September 16. To enumerate worth-celebrating moments of my life…here are first moments that all happened when I was 26 years old:

1) I was able to ride a ferry boat
2) I was able to ride an airplane
3) I was able to ride LRT 2
4) I was able to reach far south of the Philippines (Cebu & Davao)
5) I was able to step on foreign countries (Singapore & Malaysia)
6) My siblings and I started renting an apartment (I really thought, we could never afford this at first...but God never fails to provide!)
7) I was able to hear my young siblings play the guitar
8) I was able to have my very 1st company health card (yeah, after soooo many jobs, I finally got the benefit)
9) I've started loving koreanovelas on local TV (blame it on my all-time favorite Korean film, My Sassy Girl)
10) I've started exploring MS excel. . . i'm not still proficient though but I could say I'm better now!
11) I teamled one SFC Christian Life Program
12) I've started handling SAGIP San Andres
13) I've given up badminton nights for other more important things (like household, work & health)
14) I was able to watch one major concert of Southborder and started loving them (read: they've been in the industry for more than a decade already and I just started liking them recently) . . .how I love "wherever you are"!

i really can't believe, I'm already 27.it seems i haven't done much in my life yet and there are still so many things to do. . .so many tasks yet to accomplish, so may dreams yet to realize. . .so many changes yet to happen. . .oh well, wisdom comes with age anyway so i might as well accept all these old-age jitters :)