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Sep 12, 2005


I was in kindergarden and encountered my very first conflict with a teacher.

1990. I was in 5th Grade and stopped studying soooo hard. I was so into reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks and started to explore arts in various forms.

1995 .I've graduated from high school and was in deep depression because I was having a hard time looking for a school in college, and hell yeah, having a tough time also in making up my mind to choose what course to take. I was eventually led to an all-girl college school (where I've never imagined I'll be spending college) and took bachelor of fine arts major in advertising.

2000. A year after my dearest father's death. I'm trying to move on with my life after experiencing all the first moments without him (christmas, birthday, holy week, summer).

I joined Singles for Christ and started exploring how wonderful life is with Christ. I also entered my second job in this year, which was in Canelle Food Corporation (Cinnabon Philippines) which opened the doors in my marketing career.

2002.Due to health reasons and personal values & principles, I left Canelle Food Corporation and hopped to an administrative work in Meralco Foundation. There, I've met equally opinionated peers (like me!). This job has a very lax environment and bored me to death. With God's intervention (who somehow successfully worked hard to kick me out of this workplace eventually), i left the company after four months.

How could I ever forget this year? This was the year when that supposedly someone who should tie us all together as one family left us.

2004. I was on my second year of involvement in CFC-Singles For Christ's work with the poor program called Gawad Kalinga(GK). I handled the documentation team and volunteered as a teacher for a weekly educational program for elementary-aged kids called SAGIP. I was also able to realize how fortunate I am despite all my trials. By last quarter of this year, my GK service was moved to another site .

This year, Feather Alley's Tuesday Badminton Club (composed of East A's SFC members) was also born.

My siblings and I started renting an apartment due to unavaoidable circumstances. We were also handling financial obligations by ourselves including tuition fees of our 2 siblings (which we started doing in 2003).

On my 2nd year at Caspian Concepts, a management firm for fine-dining restaurants. I was a one-woman marketing team with additional tasks of handling the restaurants, convenience store and e-hub inside the 3 ships of SuperFerry. During the last quarter of this year, I was actively looking for a new job due to work-related stress which I couldn't anymore handle and additional financial obligations which my meager salary couldn't support.In December, I was able to find a new job at RS Components Limited.

As of this writing, I'm on my 9th month as RS Components Limited's Marketing Officer. I'm feeling the never-before pressure in my previous jobs.I'm not quitting yet, that's for sure.

I was able to step on Singapore,Malaysia, Davao and Boracay (soon) for the first time because of work.

My service in SFC was sort of lessen because I'm now trying to squeeze everything in, if there's spare time.

2006.I'll continue with whatever I'm doing---FAMILY,WORK, SFC and squeeze in time for friends.I have no clue if there will ever be transition. . .For sure there will be. . .my life is full of those!

2015. I love to see myself as a family woman by that time. . .BUT if it turns out otherwise, I hope to be at least financially stable. I mean, at least not anymore renting an apartment but rather paying my own house and lot where third and tri-ann will be staying. Maybe, mom will also be with me. I hope to be out of credit card debts.I may still be employed but I’ll have more time to my other interests specifically arts. I hope to have a deeper and more meaningful personal relationship with God.

No definite plans obviously, as you all know, I don't really set goals…I just go with the flow :)