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Apr 16, 2006

holy week traditions

today is easter sunday.this means holy week is over and so is my vacation :(

for 7 years now, i've been spending holy week here in cainta. since papa died, our family never got the chance to spend holy week in pangasinan anymore. i truly miss those years when we, as family would travel and do annual holy week traditions together.aside from visiting our folks there, we used to visit the shrine of our lady of manaoag completing our 13-week novena and would go straight to annual family outing.usually, we were like 3-4 families having the grandest times of our lives...those were the days. everything's too different now...aside from papa having the grandest time of his life partying with God and His angels now, Tito Danny's family is also residing in New York for the past 10 years.we just couldn't do stuff just like before anymore, moving on is the only way to go.

for the past 4 years, i've been doing visita iglesia every holy thursday with my SFC friends. during our first year of doing this, we visited some churches in rizal and some in manila then years therefater, we've just been visiting rizal. nothing beats the first time we did this because seeing the old churches really amazed me primarily because i love classic architecture and seeing "ruins" never fails to excite my blood. it has always been like this...i remember my photography classes in college, since the manila area was the nearest place we can visit, we used to visit intramuros and quiapo a lot for our requirements and maybe since i'm quite used to taking pictures of congested areas, the serenity ambiance of rizal province was really something new for me four years ago...the years thereafter, it's like seeing the churches again the first time.

here are some classics....
sfc east a 1c
familias sa visita iglesia (familia junio at familia sfc east a {1c with 1b}) lunch at kainan sa hardin. sorry, no pix while we were eating, gutom na lahat kaya heto na langour jeepney ride.hanep, may "assurance", just push the "botton"

how i spent my good friday was like another new tradition which we started last year. my sisters, brother-in-law and myself joined the annual procession here in Cainta which features the different images of mary all dressed in glory.the procession started from our lady of light parish then we went to different barangays then from marick subdivision almost near junction, we made a u-turn going back to the parish again. it was an almost 2-hour walk, although i would experience some grasping of breath moments (hehehe!), nothing seriously bad happened to me and the miracle of all miracles is that my legs didn't hurt.

hmmm, i know that during lent i should be fasting...well, i did, really (chuckle)! okay, so meat is not really my favorite that's why i've eaten more when veggies & fish were served on the table and when i say i more, i mean MORE... like 3 cups of rice :) but hey, i've given up a week of drinking coffee during the lent, that's my own sacrifice since i know that not eating meat isn't much of a sacrifice for me so i might as well sacrifice the one i truly love...coffee!

3-ann and 3rd will be spending summer vacation here that's why our house is again jam-packed and laughter-filled ! it's really so nice to have them back, minsan nagsasawa na rin talaga ako na kami na lang lagi ni jm magkasama eh. (hahaha!)