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Apr 23, 2006

rants & raves

it's been a week of rantin' and ravin'

monday{rant & rave}...my college friends and i decided to meet after so many months of not seeing each other. some office works held me to stay longer in the office so i wasn't able to meet jonah & aby at exactly 7 PM. jonah initiated this meeting because she officially announced her engagement, she showed us her cute ring...eh, kelan ko naman kaya makikita ang "groom" ha, jonah? on your wedding day pa? anyway, we just had dinner at libis then bought stuff from tiangge. i bought another pair of chopsticks hair accessorry. i got really pissed off in the office and i accidentally broke the one i was using when i was still in the office so i just had to buy a replacement.

tuesday{rant}...i was just so pissed. i don't exactly like some personalities in my workplace. well, there's just really one at the moment...since i started, i always have this feeling that he doesn't like me and believe me, his criticisms aren't constructive in any way. well, i always try to be civil as much as possible and i always have this attitude not to waste my time on negative thoughts. maiinis ako sandali then papalipasin ko lang, okay na....i may ignore it for a time but i would always remember how a particular person pissed me off.ewan ko ba, that's really just one bad attitude that i have, i could always forgive but never forget.malabo, pwede ba yon?

wednesday{rant}...argh! he gave me more reasons to be even more pissed!

thursday{rave}...hahaha! God is really an awesome God and He's so full of surprises! guess what our household topic was? TAMING OUR HOT TEMPER! Oh yes, Lord... I got your message.I just learned that i'm subconsciously using the "implosion" behavior meaning we give the silent treatment, we sulk, we turn it inward and beat ourselves up. i can actually just talk a lot about this topic since the handouts given to us was quite inquisitive. i on the other hand, was just so happy i was able to release my anger. i don't normally talk about this negative emotion because i consider my work as one of the great blessings God has given me. i really am still a work in progress.hmmm...

friday{rant & rave}...just when i thought i'll be having lower household, i've received last minute cancellations. really depressing.before office week officially ended, sir chito talked to me and handed me a "private and confidential" letter----my performance bonus letter!whew! this week wasn't so bad after all.i was told the money i'll be getting will be credited next friday, i can't wait. ayan mabibilhan ko na si third ng cell phone, i'll be able to have body massage again, i'll also buy dvd player, treat my family for dinner, i'll be able to pay for tobit's weekend, give a little higher than usual tithes, of course, i'll add something for my siblings' school expenses like tuition and school supplies.o ayan, ang dali lang talaga mag-ubos ng pera o, wala pa nga sa kamay ko, parang dumulas na kaagad.since i got no activity lined up for the night, i joined my officemates in their weekly badminton. after sooooooooooooo many months of not playing, pakiramdam ko kinalawang na ko. i've realized how much i miss playing and how i miss feather alley's tuesday badminton club.

saturday{rant}...i couldn't describe my muscle pains...got this from playing badminton. i really lack exercise. i guess i shouldn't blame SOA (sign of old age) for gaining so much weight after all, i really am eating too much and not exercising at all lately. i kept one promise though, during GMT and HLT weeks, i'll join my officemates in playing badminton as much as possible.since i couldn't move a muscle, i decided to just cancel watchig Pido in Eastwood...(sigh) how i miss him. how come i couldn't get over my high school celebrity crushes??? hehehe

in the morning, i got the chance to chat with aby...as expected because we all have this wedding fever thing going on since jonah's announcement, the conversation went like this:

aby: hay naku, jeng. wish ko magka-boyfried ka na talaga
me: asa ka...cge mag-wish ka. may meteor shower daw ngayon tingnan mo kung tatalab hehehe!
aby: he looks decent (referring to latest crush)
me: hahaha...you didn't see him in his swimwear parang trunks na parang cycling shorts na ewan.
aby: okay na yun para nde mabago tingin ko sa kanya
me: decent? wala akong crush na decent.
aby: hahaha! oo nga...

even my long-time pals know about it, my preference in men is quite different. i may like some decent-looking few but they're either married or celebrities...how immature! geez....