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Oct 3, 2006

smells like christmas

christmas countdown starts during my birthday, 100 days before christmas. . . it has been stormin' like hell, flash floodin' everywhere and yes heavy traffic seems to take forever. . .except for the heavy traffic, i haven't smelled the spirit of christmas yet. . . it's real meaning that is.

last saturday,i received a lot of "magpapasko na kasi" comments from friends and family and when monday came, i got tons of those even from officemates. it wasn't because we all can feel christmas breeze now nor we can see people selling puto bungbong & bibingka nor the whole neighborhood was lighted by christmas lights. . .nah, not any those can give you the christmas fever yet. . .but you can now hear a lot of stories from co-workers and friends about how they were held-up or how their valuables have been stolen. the latter just happened to me last saturday and i feel really stupid until now.

i lost my wallet last saturday in a grocery store near our place. it happened in the afternoon when i was buying juice and some other consolation prizes for our sagip birthmonth celebration. just when i was about to pay, viola my wallet could no longer be found inside my bag! i lost about Php 2K worth of cash, all my atms, credit cards & health card were also inside.just reactivating all my cards will cost me about the same amount of cash that i lost or more. . . geez, merry christmas.(*sigh*) (**double sigh**) (***triple sigh***)