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Dec 24, 2006

4 weddings

unlike all the other years that passed, 2006 perhaps has the most number of times i've rekindled friendship and reconnected with dear friends who've been part of my pre-sfc years...my high school and college friends! it just happened that most of them got married this year---2 from highschool and 2 from college. i've always kept a small number of group of friends (quality over quantity i must say) and so,from my highschool friends there's just myself and marilen who are not married yet but marilen is technically married so i'm the only single person left, from college however, mabel is still there...buti na lang., hahaha!i'm quite worried because i'm starting to lose my possible bridesmaids if ever i finally tied the knots with whoever :( well, hearing them talk about how they're starting their families is something i should start getting used to. my only consolation is that family matters also matter to me big time so i can truly relate now unlike when they were still talkin' about their boyfriends then.sigh, sigh, sigh i'm looking forward to being godmother of their future children & attending more children parties...for the meantime, here's a pix taken during rex & melissa's wedding.