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Dec 11, 2006

it's the busiest time of the year

december has always been a busy month since i started working in '99 and entered SFC in 2000. the two areas of my life somehow need to fit somewhere...oh not to mention family...yeah of course, it needs to fit not just somewhere there but it should be where it has always been, 2nd priority.

this year everything fell into place. all the christmas parties seem to be choreographed by God in a way that i can attend to all.

before all the christmass stuff, i just wanna tell one unforgettable experience.last november 21, i was able to watch the popular australian christian band, hillsong united. it was my first time and truly enjoyed...geez, i can't wait to watch them again (hope there will be next time!). read the whole story here at jm's blog .

december 2- SFC Sector Christmas Party

our chapter was quite blessed with new vibrant members this year. for us oldtimers, somehow it means that we'll no longer be performing on stage for big activities like sector christmas party...hooray! this year's theme is "the musicale" and we were assigned to perform "Miss Saigon". I was part of the committe who did the pre-works...research, costume, songs, etc... I was only able to attend some practices though, good thing we are blessed with the very reliable ate dothy. on the night itself, i helped with the lights and make-up and ego-boosting words of wisdom..hehehe...our members were shy compared to us oldtimers and if you know Miss Saigon, cast needs thick-faced whores. actually we had a difficult time minimizing vulgarity specially the costumes & dance steps...who ever thought of performing Miss Saigon in SFC activities didn't know how it drove us nuts, they just don't seem to gel, that's all. i hate to brag but we did well. those shy girls did not look so-shy on stage, they can even pass up for real whores...hahaha. although we didn't grab any award, the applause and commendations we received after the performance were already good enough to tell us we had a good performance. here are pre & post perfromance pix, i'll post on-stage pix when i get to find some.



december 8- RS Components Limited's Christmas Party

for this year's christmas party, our department was tasked to organize it.oh, we were only given barely three weeks to prepare...from scratch! it was so easy for country management team to just hand over the job to us with very meager budget and very little time to work with. aside from preparing the whole party, we also had to prepare for the group presentation wherein we merged with Strategic & Channels Accounts Groups. Our theme revolved around the 80's decade. The group presentations were divided among new wave, sariling atin, 80's movies and 80's icons.The latter was assigned to us.Most members of our group do not usually stay in the office, they're outdoor sellers and one member is even cebu-based and only got to practice on our last practice night. we were only able to practice 4 times, good thing was members of the team were very eager to learn and full of ideas. btw, i need to thank sfc-valley golf chapter for some ideas...i need to shamelessly copy your "breakdancer" 2 years ago so that our cebu-based member would have a part.

no need to worry, we also grabbed the 1st place! since icons was our theme, we did "walk like an egyptian by the bangles",

"like a cannonball by menudo",

"she bop by cyndi lauper",

"material girl by madonna"

and "thriller by michael jackson"

and the winner is .......

it was a very victorious evening for me...the party went well despite last minute preparations of all sorts, we grabbed 1st place for the group presentation, i was able to receive what i truly wanted for the exchange gift (thanks marivic) and i grabbed home a brand new electric fan as my raffle prize.

december 9-SFC unit Christmas Party with SAGIP

although i had only few hours of sleep from the company's Christmas Party, i was still able to make it before 9 AM at GK site. it was nice to have other members of the unit joining us for this particular SAGIP session. we made sure everyone brought home a gift and full from the food we've prepared for them :) in fact, there were even some food left for the kapitbahayan and gifts for the sibol kids... the almost 500 per chapter head did go that far...amazing, it's like Jesus' miracle, "multiplication of the bread & fish".

the party's ain't over yet... i still have 1 lined up

december 10-on with the tradition

my long wait is now over ....i finally got my starbucks planner! whew! thanks jm for the 21st sticker you've donated :)