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Jan 24, 2007

certified jologs

our system in the office is currently having problems which was caused by the recent earthquake in taiwan and it's running extremely slow. fortunately, there's this e-mail with lots of tests that was spreading around the office. the tagalog quiz was something i was able to encounter before so i must say i did pretty well and so with the acronym test but the one i found as the most challenging of them all is the jologs test...geez, my weird memory which for some reasons mostly remembers showbiz trivias was once again tested. on occassions that office system ran slow, i was in deep thought....and i'm shamelessly proud to have answered (without any help from any of my officemates, believe me they don't even know the answers) the following jologs questions:

a) theme song ni richard gomez & sharon cuneta
b) host na puppet sa batibot na laging may dala-dalang mike
c) children show ni subas herrero
d) nostra damus ng asia
e) hinulaan ng sagot sa letter d na mamamatay sa sarili nyang show
f) kumanta ng just a smile away for close-up commercial (clue from me:i know you guys are thinkin' of gino padilla pero nde yun. closer you and i kasi ang kinanta ni gino)
g) role na ginampanan ni sharon cuneta sa isang massacre film
h) pangalan ng character ni aurora sevilla sa aguila
i) noontime show ng channel 7 nung matapos ang lunch date
j) commercial model ng asahi electricfan
k) show ni german moreno tuwing umaga
l) anchor ng tv patrol in-charge for showbiz news
m) show ni tito sotto, helen gamboa, chuckie dreyfus & isabel granada
n) show ni oskee salazar sa channel 13
o) segment sa batibot na mga daliri ang bida

those are just some tough questions that i was able to answer...hmmm, do you know the answers? you can try, i'll let you know if you got 'em correctly.