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Feb 12, 2009

i have embraced these words last year


that's my whole 2008...and here goes why:

love- since we have celebrated our first year together last month and we're both in our 30's...i need not be cheesy when it comes to talkin' about raul...wonderful...enough said.haha!

leap- career-wise, so glad to be facing new challenges :)

online-shopping-okay, now i can write more than a phrase or two. i can even write a novel,hehehe. i've been with multiply site since 2004. i've been keeping all my pictures here and it's more updated than any of my networking accounts and blogs.i never thought i'll see this site in a different light when i've discovered that a lot of people have been using this site to sell stuff.late 2008, i also bought some quite good and unique stuff.

first, is my everyday-office bag that i've purchased from sofistique . this is annie11.

this is a three-way bag that can be used as:
a) messenger bag
b) hand/shoulder bag
c) backpack bag

whenever i use this, people always say that it's beautiful.well, it is and i love the fact that i can be stylish and yet can still carry all my stuff in one bag. it's spacious and has a lot of pockets. very functional.

second, is my design your life planner from cnsdesigns .

i love the way i can personalize it . it looks plainly nice outside and yet so colorful inside. as a corporate person though i find some contents "too youthful" for me. haha. anyway, another thing i like about this is that i don't get to see a lot of people having this kind of planner...and if ever there are, content-wise...evrything would be different as each planner owner has its own style of using their creativity.

my online-buys are always stylish, functional and personal...must fit my lifestyle and character...well, that goes generally as my shopping style. since i'm not an impulsive buyer myself, going on-line makes me think carefully first before buying and i so love it...no pressure.

and oh btw, i have been selling stuff in multiply also early this year. if you are into personalized, couple's shirts and teddy bears, kindly visit http://www.jansixmktg.multiply.com/ .

third, is related to my last on the list of my 2008 words---organic

late this year, i discovered organic hair and skin care products online. i have been buying these products from humanheartnature :

HAIR CARE (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask)

one of my long-time problems is my serious, uncontrollable hair-fall. i am so thankful that these products have lessen this problem. at first, i only bought 50 mL of shampoo and conditioner, after a week of testing the products, i bought biggest sizes of each. using all these to my hair often doesn't make me worry that it'll be bad for my scalp because it's 100% organic and has no harmful chemicals. in fact, i don't feel any itchiness.

BODY, FACIAL AND LIP CARE (facial cleanser, make-up remover, toner,massage oil, shaving oil, lip balm, solid perfume)

i don't wear make-up often as removing it would take time and so much pain...ouch.. normally, i just put on moisturizer because facial products irritate my skin. good thing, i have discovered these facial products that are all-natural.their massage oil relaxes me and their shaving oil is very much gentle on the skin. my nose is quite sensitive to smell because i'm asthmatic, cologne has always been my everyday partner and now with solid perfume, i can enjoy the perfume-scent without the sneeze..hehe..oh, a must-try is also their lip balm...my one year old niece also loves it :) we are now both organic kikays.

i haven't tried all their products though, the above products are my first buys and i only bought the essentials. this company doesn't only help the environment but also our country by also supporting gawad kalinga.

how else have i gone organic? okay,okay i am no vegetarian but i do love veggies and fish more than meat but i'm still carnivorous. mid this year, i started eating brown rice...it's the only rice at home...not that i'm on a diet but i'm trying to reduce rice intake of my siblings and that goes to me too.haha. also, i've minimized use of paper and plastic bags...canvass bags are not only the in thing nowadays but it's very environment-friendly and at least in my own little way, i am helping mother nature.

these are my so-called new discoveries for 2008. the rest remain intact--- sanity, family and sevice to community.