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Mar 3, 2009

how my year started

i have wrapped my 2008 in my previous entry, now let me move on to 2009...it's a bit late, i know.

few hours after we celebrated new year, i received a call from my uncle informing me about the sad news that my lolo emong already passed away. i felt really sad but somehow when you know that a man has done so much and lived fully, you don't want to see that person suffer longer. in my lolo's case, i have been praying for that since i saw him last Christmas. when he was diagnosed of cancer, his body rapidly became weak but his mind remained sharp until his last breath. my grandfather and the life he lived will forever be an inspiration to us, his family and to the people whose lives he has touched during his lifetime being an educator, public official and most of all, as God's servant. during his last days, all he wanted was to serve God more and maybe God wanted him to do this personally :)

i went back to Manila right after lolo's interment and reported to work after three days of being absent. so many projects were left untouched and i was feeling really bad physically due to fatigue and extreme cold climate that PH was experiencing during that week. still, i went to report for work and it was a bad decision, the paracetamols, cough syrup and antihistamine did not do any good. the following day while I was on my way to work, i felt chest pains and it was truly a miracle that i was able to reach the office despite the difficulty in breathing. upon reaching the office, i asked our messenger to send me to the hospital. . . i was in emergency room of The Medical City for almost 9 hours. Let me thank my dear friend, grace for helping me find a room, my family who have been shifting to accompany me in the hospital for four days, my friends and raul for regularly visiting me.after four days of confinement, i was asked to rest for a few more days...so that was my first two weeks of the year...unproductive but very much rested.