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Nov 4, 2004

public announcements

...i've been spending most of my working days at pier lately whether it means visiting the ships or simply attending meetings.last thursday, i even slept at the ship so i can supervise putting up of decorations for the halloween....and it ain't over yet coz christmas is coming....

anyone who knows someone who can help me with this? i need someone who can design the restaurants of the ships... someone who can provide materials for the decors and who can professionally put 'em all together as well. please, please comment on this message so i can give further details or better yet so i can accompany the designer to one of the ships one of these days...SOON.let's talk about budget, once you saw the ships.

...SFC rocks even on halloween :) see pictures of our halloween party
here. To my group, the 3rd Party...CONGRATULATIONS! don't you love the blue water jug? whattamouth!...for those who weren't there...sana meron ulit next year para makasama namin kayo :)

...when i opened e-mail this morning here's what i saw:

Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Good Evening!

Let us all pray for the safe release of Bro Robert "Bobby" Tarongoy of (SFC) Davao City. Who was kidnapped in Iraq and also pray for Angelito Nayan (Las PiƱas) who was kidnapped in Afgahnistan. Pls pray for their hostage taker, that they will not harm them.

...PLEASE,PLEASE PRAY! to all SFCs, kindly include them in your household meetings. also include sister jing’s dad who was diagnosed with a tumor in his tongue and sister ria's dad who's now being observed in the hospital due to his kidney complications.please pray for their healing.