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Nov 16, 2004

gutsy dothy

yesterday marked the end of ramadan for our muslim brothers and sisters. yes, though we're generally a catholic country, we joined them in this celebration...another red day in the calendar...HOLIDAY!

i spent the whole morning playing badminton with my SFC peers. . . badminton has become a sectoral sport since we started it last year. there were 20 of us who played coming from different chapters. HUNGER just stopped us from playing since the clock ticked at 12:00 noon. we had fun playing and even had more fun when we had lunch together at fazoli's, eastwood. i was so hungry, i felt that i just gained the calories i loss (due to three hour playing) when i ate a plate-full of pasta, a slice of pizza and 2 pieces of bread sticks with bottomless iced tea :) as usual ate dothy delighted us all with her silly antics...she was so funny ;) there were also a lot of teasing happened but what was really funny was when ate dothy was teasing herself to one brother...grabe, we were all laughing hard...such guts talaga!

good news, good news...four of our SAGIP kids from San Andres made it to the Quaterfinals of the search for the 10 most outstanding SAGIP in the country...i feel so proud :) To Jeffrey, Angelo, Roanne and Cecille...goodluck ! Making it in the quarterfinals is already an achievement. There were also three kids from Hapay na Mangga who made it...congrats din :)

i still need prayers... in my search for a new job. i had an interview last friday and i was told that i'll know the decision at the end of this week... whatever the outcome will be... i'd like to thank those people who've prayed and who are continuously praying for me. thank you, thank you.