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May 25, 2005

Going To Cebu


i'll be flying for Cebu tomorrow for our Catalogue Launch. Please do pray for my safe trip.

What I'll miss:

a) SAGIP Creative Fest and Recognition Day ---> I kinda miss going to Jansennville,this will supposed to be my chance to see together, both past and present SAGIP kids that I used to handle and currently handling PLUS cutey #3 of RIZAL SAGIP...hehehe!

b) 3 days with my siblings ---> referring to my BOJ of course! Next weekend, I'll be sending them to Pangasinan already for the start of another school year that's why I'm trying to maximize my time with them . so, so sad. . . I always have this pre-longingness syndrome all the time :(

c) lower household ---> i'll be endorsing my members to ria, they'll be joining her household. never done this before but i can't afford that they won't have a household meeting for this week, i'm done with my upper household last night. at least before i leave, we were able to pray for my trip :)

i hope, i'll be able to go around the city . . the last time i was there, i was only there for four hours and it was raining sooo hard. more importantly, i hope that our launch will be successful.

i'm counting on your prayers.to my SFC community, i'll see you on sunday for the family day . . . i wasn't able to commit to serve because of this launch but i'll see what i can do to help during the event. i'll be back on saturday.