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Jun 8, 2005

Missing My Siblings

prior to summer, i did intend to actually spend time as much as i can with my BOJ. unfortunately, due to work and community service, i wasn't able to to do so. last weekend, i sent them back to the province and it was again "holding-the-tears" moment for me...yeah, the toughie part of me wouldn't wanna show that i was actually regretting the times i should have spent with them, the times i even scolded them because of little matters that should have not bothered me at all but because i was damn tired, i had to release it, and the fact that i didn't have money to spend so we could have gone out of town or even give third a better, grander, more prepared birthday party. i wasn't even able to buy him a gift... i asked sorry coz the sudden transfer to another apartment is not something i've prepared for this summer thus some savings actually went to bill payments. truly, i feel blest that God gave them in my life...they can make me laugh, and at a very young age they can already understand what our family's going through. i hope i can make it up with them. i'm actually missing "pampaalis-pagod" hugs and kisses from 3-ann but i have to bear with the longingness i'm feeling.

while i was in the province, my grandparents talked to me... i almost cried. they're too good to be true. i figured, i'm actually mising parental figure and most of all parental concerns in my life. when my grandparents showed me how much they care for us, my tears rolled down...oh, my new glasses hid the tears so they weren't really obvious :) i'm so glad God allowed them to be still alive despite their old age.