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Jun 16, 2005


it's so good to arrive in the office early, as i can sneak some time for blogging like what i am doing now.yesterday was a real drag with heavy traffic and i even had a difficult time getting a ride back home in the evening, i almost forgot to mention...it was also drizzling.i wasn't able to eat dinner as i had to go straight to our monthly SFC chapter assembly, besides, the free lunch from chin was really heavy(yes, at least one good thing happened yesterday).

our assembly last night was all about independence, freedom, kalayaan...of course themed after the recent independence day.we were asked to share our first taste of independence, how we handled it and for some people, how they actually aspired to have one.on a regular basis, i shout names of brothers and sisters who seldom share during assemblies. i on the other hand, is actually a regular sharer especially when i have a new job (yeah, that regular!..hehehe!) i was actually caught unprepared when i was volunteered to share last night(yes, the bitter taste of karma!) uh,uh,oh....it was actually difficult (in my recent post, i just mentioned how hard it is for me to share)as i'm used to sharing about blessings, pleasant surprises but never an experience.to cut everything short, i gave an overview on how i've had a little independence when i was young and how it prepared me to a necessary independent-living that i'm having now. i told them that the real taste of independence isn't so sweet after all. for those people who are still living with parents... cherish those moments, enjoy it while it lasts. there are actually people like me who are actually wishing to enjoy the same moments, the same worry-free living (as there will always be parents who'll support and provide for your needs). i know how some people want to have independence but God is not giving them to you yet, it may not even be part of His plans for you but God's plans are always perfect so we should accept it. i, on the other hand have learned to accept God's plans and will for me, at least, though i couldn't anymore buy expensive clothes, dine to fancy restaurants and pursue passion at least i know where my money is going...not to savings but to those who've given my life a new, deeper meaning...my sibblings especially my BOJ :)