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Jun 21, 2005

if ever i'll be featured in YOU

it seems that more and more filipinos are getting fond of blogging. in one of my favorite sites, http://www.you.inq7.net , they feature bloggers there.so as to pretend, i'm one of the featured bloggers, i'd like to answer the questions they ask, here's what i'll probably say...

When and why did you start blogging and who got you hooked?
it actually started with an on-line journal called diaryland.it was around 2002 when on-line journals were featured in studio 23's digital tour. i tried having one for myself...i guess just like any other girl who was keeping a diary since grade school days, this was a more mature necessary approach to diarrying. for working girls like me, i think written journals are already pa-say. I get hooked for the love of words and self-expression. I actually do not promote my blogs in any way but when people find out about them, i welcome intruders to my not-so-private world.

What makes a blog better than a regular website? Did you try putting up your own site before you started blogging?
I never tried putting my own site before since i'm not so-html versed. Blogs are more user-friendly, i guess. I mean, you can change your templates any time you want and can easily just make another one if you want more.

Would you say that blogging is very addictive? How many people have you convinced to also start blogging?
Yes,it is very addicting whether if you're a blogger or just a blog-reader.I've come to know strangers and know more of people that I actually think I already know. I mean, reading entries and all somehow make me glance to their very soul.I really don't know if i have really ever convinced one soul to start blogging but i really hope i influenced one in some ways.

What blogging software do you use? What makes it better than other blogging services?
at the moment, i'm using http://www.blogger.com, it's so easy to use and very comprehensive. For people who' are not so-html versed like me, this is highly recommended.

What's your most memorable blogging experience?
I guess the hugs I get in my literature blog, i can't believe that there are actually people reading it. As I've told you awhile ago, I wasn't even promoting my sites...yeah, plural...I'm currently keeping two.I also get to meet fellow blog-enthusiasts.