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Aug 30, 2005

tired but still thankful

'ey everyone! it feels good to be back. month of august was really something and paper works in the office piled up tremendously. i know, i sort of owe people stories about my trip but there's nothing really to tell...i was most of the time inside a conference room in guoman resort,port dickson. take a glimpse of the beautiful place
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i've enjoyed the view actually since my room is fronting the poolview and beachview.i wasn't able to bathe in the pool though...schedule was really tight, darn. i kinda hoped we were just in a hotel in the city so i could have at least strolled around in the evening. anyway, during my first few nights, i stayed at sheraton hotel in subang. a new ODS guy in RS MY named Timothy (who was staying in the same hotel where i was) was kind enough to accompany me to my 1st dinner at Malaysia during my first night. since we're both technically new (me, being in a foreign country and he, being barely a week-old employee at RS), we ended up spending breakfast, dinner and going to RS MY office and going back to the hotel. Leslie, the Tech Support guy from RS Singapore also joined us for dinner the 2nd night (guess why? same reason---he was also staying at sheraton). the three of us after dinner strolled in a mall (forgot the name but it's quite big and not as crowded as the malls here in PH). This was after my whole-day training of PIVOTAL with Beehong. my activities mainly in Malaysia are to eat, travel, training, meetin,meeting & meeting! nothing more to tell, really.

few days after malaysia trip, i flew to davao for our catalogue launch there. the last in our list...whew!i chanced upon meeting an old pal, agot when i was in the airport...we chatted while waiting for our flight sched, she was heading to cagayan de oro,also for official business.

davao launch, i can say is the most successful among our launches (in terms of attendance and preparation). i was also able to sneak some time to buy items for my siblings and friends....processed durian, anyone? candies, pies, yema...i still have more at home. here's our pic in one of the bars in davao, taken after the launch
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when i went back to the hotel, i had a very relaxing massage (just to pamper myself once in a while. i guess, i deserve this one after all the hardwork!)

i arrived in manila last saturday and in the tradition of attending aby's birthday on 27th august, i went. she introduced me to her new boyfriend, dacs. can't help but feel happy for my friend...as long as you're happy, aby...GO!

to end the week, i attended my niece's baptism and stood as her godmother. travel was quite far though, it was in cavite.can you just imagine how tired i was? and bad news was our fickle-minded president, announced that we have work the next day despite the celebration of national heroes day. i couldn't get it are those heroes only heroes to students and working in goverment offices?

huh, really tiring activities. 'til now i haven't recovered with the busy sched that i had recently because i am now starting to do tons of pending works due to the trips. anyway, i still praise God for all the new & exciting experiences lately :)