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Mar 30, 2006

birthday & name

i chanced upon this site that a friend of mine forwarded. it's supposed to tell what your birthday says about you & what your name means....hmmm, i'm not really into these kind of things because in SFC we were taught not to believe in such but i'd like to share the results as well...based on how i know myself, there are some truths about the results. here's a glimpse...


Your date of conception was on or about 24 December 19_ _ which was a Saturday. (christmas eve ??? hmmm....interesting...hahaha!)

You were born on a Saturday under the astrological sign Virgo.Your Life path number is 5.
As of 3/30/2006 3:13:08 AM EST
You are _ _ years old.
You are 330 months old.
You are 1,437 weeks old.
You are 10,057 days old.
You are 241,371 hours old.
You are 14,482,273 minutes old.
You are 868,936,388 seconds old.
Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 3.93620352250489 years old. (Life's just a big chewy bone for you!)

Your birthstone is Sapphire.

The Mystical properties of Sapphire though not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, Sapphire is used for clear thinking.

Your birth tree is Lime Tree, the Doubt
Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way (?), hates fighting, stress and labour (!), tends to laziness and idleness(!) , soft and relenting (?), makes sacrifices for friends (?), many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom(!), often wailing and complaining(?), very jealous(?), loyal(!).

The moon's phase on the day you were born was waxing gibbous.


There are 13 letters in your name.Those 13 letters total to 60.There are 5 vowels and 8 consonants in your name.

Your number is: 6
The characteristics of #6 are: Responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy.(!!!!!!)

The expression or destiny for #6:The number 6 Expression provides you a truly outstanding sense of responsibility, love, and balance. The 6 is helpful and ever conscientious, making you quite capable of rectifying and balancing any sort of inharmonious situation. You are a person very much inclined to give help and comfort to those in need. You have a natural penchant for working with the old, the young, the sick, or the underprivileged. Although you may have considerable creative and artistic talents, the chances are that you will devote yourself to an occupation that shows concern for the betterment of the community.

The positive side of the number 6 suggests that you are very loving, friendly, and appreciative of others. You have a depth of understanding that produces much sympathetic, kindness, and generosity. The qualities of the 6 make the finest and most concerned parent and one often deeply involved in domestic activities. Openness and honesty is apparent in your approach to all relationships.

If there is an excess of the number 6 in your makeup, you may exhibit some of the negative traits associated with this number. There may be a tendency for you to be too exacting and demanding of yourself. In this regard, you may at times sacrifice yourself (or your loved ones) for the welfare of others. In some cases, the over zealous 6 has difficulty distinguishing helping from interfering. You may have difficulty expressing your own individuality, because of involvement with responsibilities and causes. Like all with the Expression of the number 6, it's quite likely that you worry much too much.

Your Soul Urge number is: 1
A Soul Urge number of 1 means: Your Soul Urge is the number 1. With a Soul Urge number of 1, you want to lead and direct, to work independent of supervision, by yourself or with subordinates. You take pride in your abilities and want to be recognized for them. You may seek opportunities to display your strength and usefulness, wanting to create and originate. In your desire to manage the big picture and the main issues, you may often leave the details to others.

The positive 1 Soul Urge is Ambitious and determined, a leader seeking opportunities. There is a great deal of honesty and loyalty in this character. If you possess positive 1 Soul Urge qualities, you are very attainment oriented and driven to success. You are a loyal friend and strictly fair in your business dealings.

The negative side of the 1 Soul Urge must be avoided. A negative 1 is apt to dominate situations and people; the home, the spouse, the family and the business. Emotions aren't strong in this nature. If you possess an excess of 1 energy, you may, at times, be boastful and egotistic. You must avoid being too critical and impatient of trifles. The great need of the 1 Soul Urge is the development of friendliness, and a sincere interest in people.

Your Inner Dream number is: 5
An Inner Dream number of 5 means: You dream of being totally free and unrestrained by responsibility. You see yourself conversing and mingling with the natives in many nations, living for adventure and life experiences. You imagine what you might accomplished.

you can tell how above descriptions fit me (grabe, even the negative ones!). i know there's scientific explanation to this, all i know is that numerology is also a science...whatever! (math pa rin yun, i don't wanna dig deeper into it, nose bleed ito!). i'm quite contented that my knowledge in astrology ends with my fascination with the sight of beautiful heavenly bodies such as the stars & the moon.

for the fun of it,
check out the
birthday calculator for all sorts of fun facts about you and your birthday, and find out what your name means and says about you.