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Mar 26, 2006


just arrived from eastwood.

right after hearing anticipated mass we(ate jhett,kokoy,anna e. & myself) fetched ria and had dinner at max's eastwood then we had coffee after, as usual.it was really like the old times...i kinda missed this group, we're almost the same age-group in sfc.ria's the youngest among us (pero hindi halata, hahaha!), anna is just 2 months older than me, kokoy & ate jhett are the same age. lately in sfc, i was always with the 30-ish group.although i don't really feel so young around them (since i can still in some ways relate to them)but sometimes, i also look forward to being with my contemporaries maybe because we speak the same language and we're both dealing with the same stage of life. over coffee, we talked about a lot of things ---my new malaysian so-called crush, ria's so-called break-up, anna's so-called fashion 101, etc...(noticed? everything's "so-called", all topics are quite non-sense actually). we're actually in situations in finding ourselves, anna & i being the realistic ones, we just deal with life in whatever way life wants to present life to us...in other words, we deal with whatever is in our faces unlike ria the so-called idealistic, she has always this "realizations", "analysis" and stuff...she deals with life "intellectually".there's really nothing wrong with that, different strokes for different folks.my sis on the other hand is just helping out...setting up ria for another date when she's ready, helping anna with her fashion dilemma, blahblahblah...we also made plans for summer ---next week's wave 89.1's anniversary,beach, belly dancing, pig-out (our priority!), shopping in divisoria, etc.... sana kahit isa may matuloy :) the gathering was quite refreshing...for quite some time, we weren't able to hang out together, we were too busy last year...ate jhett& kokoy were too busy preparing for their wedding, ria was dealing with a romantic relationship, anna was busy with work and hiding from us (hehehe!) & i was too busy working.at least, for the first time in months i wasn't able to talk about sometimes-stressful sfc service and very stressful corporate life... whoaaaaaa!