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Mar 31, 2006

here's to endings and beginnings


31st march always ends the company's fiscal year.for a job well done (we hit 94% of our management target), we had free lunch (yummy, yummy northpark food!) and the region declared half-day of operations.we started the day actually, with the usual fiscal year-ending review of what we have achieved and our future targets, goals & upcoming promos. i thought it was just one one of those usual reviews that we usually have as we end the fiscal year, i never thought it would be that emotional. just as our country manager, sir chito, was concluding his presentation, he said "my task is done"...believe me, question marks (and a lot at that!) flashed through my head. and so there, he bid goodbye to everyone and told us he's leaving the company for another job and he's leaving us with the company's strongest post so far. he wasn't leaving because the company is not doing good, the figures he presented earlier proved so.i almost cried with his announcement.aside from being the country manager, he actually took the post of an acting marketing manager when my previous boss decided to just concentrate on sales. i was directly reporting to him prior to the arrival of the new boss. though short, our working relationship actually created so much impact on me...he inspired me to be better because he's really, really bright and very knowledgable.i wish i can be like him in the future..that is someone who truly knows my work and the company's business.he's also CFC so if i tell him that i'll be attending build, household and all the other community service, he understands.i was really shocked of the news, i never had clues or whatsoever prior to his announcement. until now, i still haven't recovered. this is a first for me actually because for the last 4 jobs that i had, i was the one leaving my bosses and the companies i've worked for.now, i know how it feels...it's sad, really sad.i hate goodbyes.

to end and thank the big man above for all our blessings, we also celebrated mass in the office. the homily was really good, father ben talked about letting Jesus be seen in us. father stressed that Jesus is our co-worker, in every decision we make, in every step we take, He wants to be part of all these.he ended the homily with the the usual saying that we as SFCs are very familiar with...let go and let God.


our national sales manager, sir glenn, was promoted to take the post of the new country manager.as he was giving a short message, he wasn't able to hold his tears.he told us he didn't really aspire for the title nor dreamt of actually reporting to the region's general manager, he's quite contented of what he has now but God gave him a new challenge or let's say a broader horizon of responsibilities and he willingly took it.btw, he's also CFC :) as for sir chito, he also asked for prayers so that the he'll be able to handle the new challenges that he'll be facing in the company he'll be working for.

new fiscal year will officially start tomorrow...i'm actually afraid and yet excited.

to sir chito, we'll truly miss you. until now, i can't imagine rs ph without you.

to sir glenn, be not afraid.rs ph team is here to always support you.