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Mar 18, 2009

A very timely household topic we discussed last night


It seems to be in a nature of people, even God's people, to complain.When the Israelites were liberated from slavery in Egypt after 430 years, and God have miraculously destroyed the Egyptian army to saved them. In just a short while they were already grumbling against Moses. They grumbled about drinking water (Ex 15:24) and about the lack of food (Ex: 16:2-3) and again about the lack of water (Ex 17:2-3) each time God provided for their needs. The people however were quick to forget the good and kept focusing only on the bad. Today, we still complain.
  • We complain about the difficulties of life rather than thanking God for the gift of life.
  • We complain about the long mass and the boring homily, rather than praising God for the Eucharistic celebration of his people, where we are able to partake of his very flesh and blood.
  • We complain about the dirty and unproductive poor in our midst rather than in seeing them as brethren to love with delightful opportunity to minister to least of our brethren and thus make it to heaven.


So if we are to suffer difficulty, trial, pain attacks, lack of appreciation and the like--do not complain rather, rejoice! These opportunities for salvation, for growing in holiness, for being honed as a warrior of God. Such trying times are opportunities for us to follow Christ most closely.

When more money is ask of us by community, rejoice and give, otherwise we robe God of what belongs to Him and we deprive his people of what God intends for them to experience by way of Christian ministry. We rejoice in the privilege of giving, and know that God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:2-7), otherwise we might give but still fall into the sin of grumbling. As we fail to appreciate the wonderful privilege of being tapped by God to participate in his work. Jesus has said that: "Where your treasure is there also will your heart be" (Mt. 6:21). God does not want your money, He already own everything, right? He wants you and of course when your heart is right then everything else follows according to the will of God.

When people including the poor are hard to love, rejoice, when they're insensitive, unloving, ungrateful, these times are opportunities for us to grow in the Lord. How will we ever grow in patience if there are no people to test your patience? How will we ever grow in forgiveness if there are no people to do wrong? As it is, loving hard to love people is a way for us to grow in important Christian values such as patience, tolerance, perseverance, forgiveness.

Guide Questions:

What are your complains about life, family, work, community, service?

Do you see a brighter side to all this?

Jesus tells those who want to follow him to take up their cross. How do you understand this call? Are you willing to do so?

How can you rejoice in all circumstances?


God spoke to me once again. i have been complaining a lot lately... yes, i have gone through so much storms in life and just when i thought i am happily moving on, occurences from the past continue to haunt me.when i was answering above questions, i couldn't stop my tears...i couldn't help but cry..i couldn't help but ask why am i experiencing all these...can i remain strong? sometimes, i get tired and i'm feeling it now but i don't want to dwell on it so much and yet i still have to deal with it. sometimes, i feel there's just so much on my shoulders but that's a plain stupid thought because how can i even claim i am God's faithful servant if i don't take up my cross and follow him? sorry Lord, i have not fully trusted and i know it's wrong. at this point, i'm surrendering all my troubles up to You and i choose to remain happy because that's the kind of life You want me to have---to live the life You have planned for me.