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Aug 13, 2005

need your prayers

just got back from our subic catalogue launch. 1 more launch to go and we'll be done with the series of launches. praise god! the launch was quite successful despite the storm. i'm so glad we were able to reach the site safely despite unlighted street and storm during our trip going there.

btw, on monday, i'll be leaving for malaysia for my in-depth pivotal training and to attend our regional marketing conference. this is quite one scary trip for me for this will be the first time i'm leaving the country alone (my boss will follow two days after though) and it will also be my first time in the said country. thank god malaysian folks were kind enough to give me necessary instructions.

people, please pray for me and send me text messages (dapat tagalog!). i'll be back on saturday, 20th july.i'll truly miss you guys.