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Aug 6, 2005


i went on a trip last weekend with my sfc community. it was quite a journey...together, we've travelled down memory lane on how we've journeyed our lives. there were too many questions running on my mind. sure, during my so-called "ride", i've encountered humps, there were crossroads, for some time it was a smooth ride only to realize that i took the wrong direction and needed to make a u-turn...apparently, i've never seen myself driving...i always have a "driver" and i know he'll always be in control. at times, i could really be so stubborn on insisting to take roads i think are right..he'll do as i wish and join me in trudging the direction i want, only to realize that he's leading me to the path he always wants me to take.sorry, i couldn't really "step on the gas", i'm just a passenger enjoying this ride.

just to add :
sectormates, despite the failures...i believe we remain victorious for the simple reason that we fought a good fight! aja aja...FIGHTING!
(yes, we also deserved that VICTORY LINER ride, hahaha!)